Conference Notes from Isis Astara

Conference Notes from Isis Astara

If we look deeply within, we can see that everything and everyone is divine and perfect.
We all come from the same Source. We are all divine spark of Light.
High Priestess

Situation Update

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Isis Astara, my beloved soulmate, has left the physical plane. She was often brutally attacked with directed energy weapons and the attack on January 25th was one attack too many. We could not protect her, her heart could not make it. The Resistance could not intervene directly otherwise toplet bombs would be triggered.

Isis Astara Memorial Video

Unfortunately, we have lost Isis Astara, a great spiritual guide of the Goddess Energy in our time. As a teacher of Goddess Mysteries for more than ten years, she had enabled many people to personally experience and witness the Light and the Power of Goddess Presence. Although she had already left us, her love and spirit will be with us forever. Her efforts shall never be in vain. The Light forces shall wield the hammer of justice and crush all her attackers.May Justice of Matt obliterate all plotters of her untimely departure, bringing all justice and glory that Isis Astara deserves.

Goddess energy is the energy that can heal and liberate the Earth. This healthy divine feminine energy will help healing masculine energy. Our mind has been manipulated by this society and mind programming of the Cabal for tens of thousands years. If we want a new society, we must surrender to both feminine and masculine energy. Currently, both energies are not so healthy. The old society is about to end, but we still have no idea about new energies.

If we want to achieve the union of divine feminine and divine masculine energy, we need to look inward and see which parts of ourselves are not healed yet. If we want to have deeper healing on divine feminine energy, we need to stop judging and criticizing others.


Both men and women need to learn to balance their feminine aspects. The key to balance lies in surrendering to Goddess energy. Surrender means the opposite of control. Modern society is full of competition and ideas of control. For generations, parents have always demanded their children to control their emotions and their thoughts. Some people think that Goddess energy is scary because they think that surrender is a sign of weakness. surrender is not a sign of weakness, but a release of unnecessary emotions and desire for control. It is the beginning of our healing process .

Four Major Races and Five Elements

There are four major races on Earth. Each race guards one particular element for each other’s survival.


All races are equal. No race should live a disadvantaged life. Inequality is a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible on this planet. We should re-establish equality, peace, love and respect among races. Each race has its unique strengths . If we bring the strengths of all races together, amazing things can happen.


New Age children know that when the White Buffalo is born on Earth, humanity will enter Galactic Age. The next step is to meet with our intergalactic family. They will be responsible for balancing old and new generations. A long time ago, I heard a legend. Two Indian men were walking along the road and saw a white buffalo. The first man saw the white buffalo becoming a very beautiful woman and then he fainted. The second man saw the white buffalo becoming a Goddess and then recalled his mission in his life. White Buffalo Goddess then gave him a peace pipe. Many tribal shamans train and prepare themselves for missions from White Buffalo Goddess.