You might want to listen to this new Cobra interview with many questions answered:
* Summer Solistice and Supermoon Energies
* Turkey’s Vortex – Last Hope of Cabal for Domination,
* Bilderberg Meeting,
* NSA Whistleblower and Global Awakening,
* Cabal Loses its Grip in China
*陰謀集團失去了其在中國的掌權(lose grip)
* Dr Greer’s Case,
* DNA & RNA Reversing Process,
* Mass Media Purification – Truth is Coming Out More and More
* Different Groups with Their Own Agendas for Control of the Financial System
* Private Army Companies like Blackwater etc Losing Their Power
* Positive Military Groups
* No Separation Between 3D Earth and 5D Earth – At Least Initially
* Release of Negative Emotions such as Anger etc.
* Reset of Financial System & Integration Before First Contact
* Karmic Overlords and Archons
* Amensia of Soul’s Purpose, Implants and How to Deal With Them
* Nano-Technology & The Risks of Using It
* PrepareForChange.Net – New Website to Be Announced Soon
* http://prepareforchange.net/ (為”準備轉變”網站)正在建設中
Alexandra: Good afternoon, this is Alexandra Meadors of www.galacticconnection.com. Today is June 25th, 2013. As everyone is waiting with baited breath, I have Cobra with me to review the month of June but also some questions that we can get to. Before I get to talking with Cobra, I just wanted to remind everyone that we have just gone through Summer solstice period where Jupiter was conjunct with the moon. Not only did that give us an extra boost of energy, It has supposedly opened us up to more emotions and feelings being heard. I’d like to talk to Cobra about that and when you consider that on top of the super moon being closer to the earth than normal and the Grand Trine.
Alexandra: 下午好,我是www.galacticconnection.com網站的Alexandra Meadors 。今天是2013年6月25日。每一個人都在屏住呼吸等待著,我和柯博拉(Cobra)將一塊回顧一下6月份並回答我們一些可以觸及的問題。在開始與柯博拉開始討論之前,我想提醒大家,我們剛剛通過了夏至,其間木星結合月亮。不僅僅帶給我們一股強烈的能量,它應該使我們敞開,讓更多的情緒和感覺可以被聽到。我想和柯博拉討論討論,當你考慮到,緊接著超級月亮比以往更接近地球,以及大三角(Grand Trine星相)。
Alexandra: Hello Cobra. How are you doing?
COBRA: Hello everybody, I’m doing just fine.
Alexandra: Supposedly it’s a grand trine, this is a very powerful period with the super moon and the summer solstice. What are you thoughts?
COBRA: Yes, the summer solstice was very powerful. It marked a big victory of the light forces and the beginning of a very powerful offensive of the light forces on the non-physical planes which will ultimately result in the final liberation of all those on the physical plane including etheric, astral, and lower mental planes around the surface of the planet. It’s a huge victory of the light, just at the time of the summer solstice. It’s no coincidence that 2 days later was the super moon came. This super moon is a portal which begins to ground cosmic energies, very positive cosmic energies that were not possible before. Those trine’s we are experiencing are harmonious aspects, astrologically speaking, bringing much needed harmony on the planetary situation. There will be more trines in the next 2 months.
柯博拉:是的,夏至非常強大。它標志著光的力量的一個巨大勝利,以及光的力量對非實體層面的一個非常強大的攻勢的開始,這將最終導致所有那些實體層面上的最終解放,包括乙太層面、星光層面和星球表面的較低心智層。這是光的巨大勝利,就在夏至時間。 2天之後,超級月亮來臨,這也不是一個巧合。這個超級越月亮是一個門戶,它會開始根植宇宙能量,非常正面的宇宙能量,這在之前是不可能。從占星術方面來說,我們所經歷到的大三角的那些方面,是非常和諧的方面,為星球局勢帶來所需的和諧。在接下來兩個月,會有更多的大三角。
Alexandra: Wow, Cobra, are you saying that the super moon portal, the fact that it allowed those new energies to enter the planet is that because there are more openings to the planet?
COBRA: It’s because the clearings of the non-physical planes has reached a point where it is now possible. This was not possible several months ago.
Alexandra: OK. So it’s like more light can penetrate.
COBRA: Exactly.
Alexandra: I noticed on your last note on your portal 2012 site, “The offensive will continue until the final and complete liberation of the non-physical planes. We will not retreat under any circumstance.” I loved the fact that you compared it to the operation overload offensive of 1944. We truly are are at a deciding point today, right now.
COBRA: Yes, if you compare this whole process with WWII we are in the final ending stages. Everyone knows we will win the war, but we are not there yet completely. We will get the final offensive on the non physical plane. On the physical plane it will be very short and very efficient and it will happen at the event.
Alexandra: My heart is so full. My heart goes out to every single light worker, ground crew, Resistance member, the Galactics, etc. It’s been such a massive undertaking. To think that we’re finally getting close to a solution is phenomenal .
COBRA: Yes. We are finally getting there.
Alexandra: Awesome. You said something about the integration of the resistance movement into the galactic confederation. Could you talk a little bit more about the strengthening of cosmic love between the different cosmic races.
COBRA: Yes. Most of the members of the resistance movement came to this planet Earth in 1999-2000 from Planet X. They had some limited contact with the Pleiadians. They were not exposed to most other cosmic races. They are having their own first contact, their first disclose, new exposure to the Cosmic races. Not all are humanoid. They are experiencing deep love of brotherhood and sisterhood that exists throughout the galaxy. Our small planet is the last planet that has not experienced that. The resistance movement is beginning experiencing this on a cosmic level. This is one of the integral parts for them to become a member of the galactic confederation. After their integration process will be complete then the surface population will be brought in. There are certain operations that are scheduled for this year that will start this process, but I am not allowed to speak of them yet. This planet is not going to be invaded. This planet will be invited into a process of dialogue.
Alexandra: You are saying that with such conviction and certainly, there is clearly a shift.
COBRA: Yes, certain things have happened and certain plans and details are finalized to the degree that are becoming almost completely certainty.
Alexandra: Is this taking place within the Agarthan society?
COBRA: Yes, the deeper portions for the underground network, 3 miles and deeper. Many different underground bases and races are making contact. It’s a world wide process underground.
Alexandra: Wow, this is obviously affecting the surface human race.
COBRA: Yes, in a way. The awakened population is getting prophetic dreams, visions, inspiration about the reality of positive ET presence.
Alexandra: Another thing that you’ve posted on your blog is that it’s going to be much easier to create the female and male polarity continuity. It’s going to be easier for soulmate relationships to be created. Can you talk a little bit more than that . When you say soul mate, are you talking about Divine compliments, twin flames. I’m curious because I’m married to my twin flame.
COBRA: 1. those relationships were almost impossible in the past because of the influence of the Archons on the non-physical planes. Now this influence is clear so that now it’s really becoming possible. Not just the meeting of the soul mate, but the ability to stabilize that relationship in that loving frequency from the beginning until eternity with out that external influence or interference. Twin souls are not exactly the same as soul mate. Twin souls are one soul that was created out of the galactic central sun, before that soul could ascend into matter it had to split. It always happens like that. Two beings of opposite polarity create one unified electro magnetic field. Soul-mates are beings who belong to your soul family or belong to the soul family that is very close to your vibrational frequency and vibrational structure. People usually meet a few of those soul mates in their lifetime. In this incarnation because we are getting closer to the final liberation. In the past those relationships have been quite challenging because of the influence of the non- physical negative beings because they did not want those relationships to happen. Harmonious soul mate relationships can create a very strong resonance field of love which actually creates a hole or opening in the matrix into higher dimensions. Not only for the couple, but the planet itself .
Alexandra: This is so resonating to my soul. I feel that being in a twin flame relationship is very challenging. It’s not an easy relationship when one or the other is out of balance.
COBRA: It’s because the energies gets magnified. It’s a strong electro-magnetic field. Your belief systems, your patterns and especially if there’s internal influences. It’s like a big magnifying glass. But if you are in a harmonious state, the energies of love and light are magnified.
Alexandra: Yes – it’s in total bliss when you’re there.
COBRA: Exactly.
Alexandra: My gosh. Lots of stuff to review in the month of June What is your opinion about the ever increasing wave of riots across the planet. Hong Kong, Turkey, Egypt, India, Malaysia, London, Brazil, Greece to just name a few. US is still sleeping when it comes to reporting these things. Who do you feel is behind this. Do you feel that it Is legitimately because of the citizens desiring liberation or is it being staged.
COBRA: It’s a combination of 2 factors. 1st is the activity of the galactic central sun which triggers the light force of Human masses. Human masses have a tendency to be less obedient to the matrix. They start asking questions and demanding answers. The 2 factor is certain long-term operation of certain positive group on the surface of the planet which has been planning this for a very long time. It’s triggering this in a positive way. I’m not allowed to disclose who it is. They have been influencing world events for centuries in certain positive way. This group is assisting the human masses in creating a channel to express the revolutionary spirit. Of course the Rothschild that try to misuse this would like to influence this. Initially positive.
Alexandra: Thank you for that. Because of my immense amount of blogging I’v​​e always believed in the benevolent forces behind the veil dropping some of these people onto the world stage. The Asanges, the Snowden’s. Whistle blowing. And that sort of thing
COBRA: There’s more to this, but it’s a part of the operation.
Alexandra: Exactly. They’re getting a lot of media coverage so you have to think of why they are getting media coverage and why some of them are assassinated.
COBRA: There are strong forces of light protecting those people. If this happened 10 years ago, maybe none of them would survive.
Alexandra: What is your perception from a galactic point of view in the role Turkey plays in this entire unfolding. They seem to be the center piece of everything that’s going on.
COBRA: Turkey is a buffer zone between Syria vortex and Europe. The Syria vortex is an ancient Goddess vortex. It’s the last major vortex the Cabal controls. When they loose that one, it’s game over.
Alexandra: Wow. What can we do to assist to bring down that vortex in Turkey.
COBRA: It’s about clearing and purifying that vortex. The Archons are streaming darkness into it. When this vortex is purified it will be one of the strongest positive points on the planet. Syria has been triggering the rebirth after the fall of Atlantis. 1It was one of the first places to be populated after the great flood 11,500 years ago. After some time the cabal got control of the vortex. They are keeping it and they are creating original conflict and spread it all around the world. Of course this will not happen. Turkey is a shield that will prevent that conflict to that to spread around the world.
Alexandra: Speaking of which, on the news this morning – a very large cargo of US arms carrying weapons to Syria. The actual Cargo Ship split in half and sank.
COBRA: Yes, This happened a few days ago. There are positive forces doing whatever they can to pacify the situation in that region.
Alexandra: But to split? They didn’t say there was any kind of explosion. (no)
Alexandra:但是,船折斷了?他們說沒有任何爆炸。 (沒有)
Alexandra: What is your opinion of the north pole moving 161 miles in the last 6 months. Is that accurate, will it continue. Is the final destination point Siberia.
COBRA: It is not the geographic or physical north pole. It’s no the rotational axis of the planet. It is the magnetic north pole. It magnetic north pole is moving. It is accelerating the last few years because we are in the initial stages of a magnetic polar shirt. We are in the midst of magnetic polar shift in response to the energies form the galactic central sun.
Alexandra: A big thing that has gone down this month was the Bilderburger conference. What do you feel the cabal accomplished? If you were sitting in that room, what is the sense of tension might be in that room?
COBRA: that conference re-confirmed the strategy that was set in place years ago. De-population. GMO of Food, that kind of thing. The mood in the room, according to my sources was mental control. No chaos, No heart of emotions. A strategic meeting that everything is normal like their plans of the NWO is going to continue on and on. It’s completely different than the meetings the cabal had 2 months ago in Texas.
Alexandra: Meaning/ how so?
COBRA: This Bilderburger most of the people are different faction. Not as important. Not as important. Mid-level management of the Cabal have this illusion of NWO.
Alexandra: The top dogs are being kicked off?
COBRA: The top dogs are in panic. The middle management is not in panic because they haven’t realized what is going on on the planet.
Alexandra: What is your whole opinion of Snowden taking refuge in Hong Kong, trusting that the Hong Kong people would not turn him in. That sort of thing. What is the strategy behind that whole thing.
COBRA: He knew when he released that intel he would be persecuted and after him. He knew that China and Hong Kong is under Jurisdiction of China is most likely to protect him and be powerful enough to offer real protection. This was the basic motivati​​on for that choice.
Alexandra: I thought it was very ironic. just go back 10 years. I can’t imagine this kind of media attention going down that they are seeking sanctuary in China.
COBRA: The situation in China has changed drastically in the last few years. The positive white dragons are much the positive white dragons are much more strong. Cabal has been loosing power in China. The white dragons are much much more powerful and also in Asia and Russia. This is another reason he went to Russia.
Alexandra: Don’t you feel there is some irony. We are shipping all our natural resources, higher management, all our manufacturing over to China, only to build up their economy, and they become powerful enough and now they can stand toe to toe with us.
COBRA: Well, it’s a good thing because it’s creating a planetary balance. After the Event it won’t matter. It won’t be another country against the other. The whole world will be united.
Alexandra: I can’t wait. What is your feeling about the SNA documents being released regarding the global spy network. Was that the resistance movement plan of action?
COBRA: As I said there is a positive group on the surface of the planet that is assisting is a controlled leakage of intel. Controlled leaking because it has to go in stages. Starting with the Mass population didn’t believe until 2 weeks ago that everyone is under surveillance. Now it’s common knowledge. For 2 years there were central bankers robbing the planet. Now it’s common knowledge that someone is spying on e-mails and phone calls etc. Part of this gradual process of disclosure. Good that it happens before the Event so the mass can understand much more easily what is really going on. Just like putting the pieces of the puzzle together.
柯博拉:就像我說得,地表有一個正面的團體,正在協助有控制性的泄露內幕。有控制性的泄露是因為它必須分階段進行。剛開始,大眾不相信,直到兩周前,大家相信每一個人都處在監視之下。現在,這成了一個常識。 2年前,有一些中央銀行家在搶劫這個星球。現在,有人在暗中監視電子郵件、電話等等,這已經成了一個常識。這是揭露的漸漸過程的一部分。它在事件之前發生,這很好,所以,大眾可以更容易地理解正在發生著什麼。就像把拼圖一塊塊拼在一起。
Alexandra: It’s giving them an opportunity to process the information. I think it’s ironic too, the leaking of documents is proving that very high military officials have been under surveillance, all the politicians, that EVERYBODY has been under surveillance. (Yes, Everybody) . No one is immune.
Alexandra:這給他們一個機會來處理資訊。我認為也很諷刺,泄露的文檔也正面,非常高級的軍方官員也被監視著,所有的政客,每一個人被監控著。 (是的,每一個人)。沒有人能幸免。
COBRA: Yes, also the cabal is spying on other factions. Nobody is protected from this.
Alexandra: Yes, it’s not one group vs another.
COBRA: It’s quite fractured at the top.
Alexandra: What is your opinion of the resignation of Cardinal Bertoni? Considering he’s the 2nd highest position in the Vatican. What kind of ramifications will that bring for these change on the planet?
COBRA: I will put it this way. There are a few different factions in the Vatican. The more positive, more progressive faction is gaining power As a result of the work of other positive groups that are – making certain moves in Rome right now. I will not go into much detail. There is a lot of support for the more progressive faction in Vatican right now. The other faction is loosing power rapidly.
Alexandra: That’s great news.
COBRA: Not everyone in the Vatican is bad. Not everyone in Vatican is good.
Alexandra: That’s made this more difficult. We don’t know who’s on which side.
COBRA: For some people it’s quite obvious.
Alexandra: On a local front – on the UFO, conspiracy and spiritual community. The exposure of Dr. Steven Greer. Did you hear about that? (Yes) He was busted for skimming profits, for purchasing personal real estate, for having his way with underage boys, purchasing drugs. Do you feel that has he been set up from the beginning to play this part?
Alexandra:在局部的前線——有關UFO、陰謀和靈性社區。有關史蒂芬.格列爾博士的曝光(譯注:電影《天狼星》制作人,美國公民聽證會揭露項目發起人)。你聽說了嗎? (柯博拉:聽說了)。他被抓住(從揭露項目中)攫取利潤,用來買個人房地產,與未成年男孩購買毒品。你認為他是從最開始就被設置來扮演這個角色的嗎?
COBRA: I will put it this way. I would not put so much importance on this. What is more important is the message he gave. He message he gave was quite important. He crated aa channel and opportunity for the witnesses to speak about their experiences.
Alexandra: True. He opened a lot of realization about UFO’s and contactees. He’s played a phenomenal way. It’s just reeled a lot of people
COBRA: People are putting too much attention on personality stories of people in the process.
Alexandra: Right. Right. So, what you are saying is the message was delivered.
COBRA: Yes, and I would not comment on his personal issues at this moment.
Alexandra: There was something I blogged about the econosphere – it’s full of plasma. There’s been a lot of information on Plasma. Can you talk about that. Is there more available to us now because the light is penetrating the planet. How is light different than Plasma. What are the advantages to us in our bodies.
COBRA: Plasma is the 4th stage of matter apart from solid, liquid and gases. Plasma can get very easily ionized or electrified. Because of this increase activity in our corner of the universe. It is increasing. It can produce strange atmospheric phenomena. This will increase as the activity of the galactic central sun gets more more drastically increasing in the next few months and years.
Alexandra: Wow because it was going crazy this month, the sun, the solar flares.
Alexandra: 哇啊,因為這個月它開始瘋狂了,太陽、太陽火焰。
COBRA: This is nothing yet.
Alexandra: OMG. Hold on everybody.
Alexandra: 天啊。大家等一下
Alexandra: Is it true Cobra, that there are 2,135 soul families on the earth?
COBRA: Soul groups? No, it’s not true.
Alexandra: this one article has each group has 144,000 monads and each monad has 12 over souls.
COBRA: There are much more on the planet and much more in the universe
Alexandra: OK. Just curious. What is your opinion opinion of all the planets in the solar system. Have they essentially died off. As if to say, has the cabal or the darker faction controlled those planets at one time and led them to their own destruction.
Alexandra: ok,只是好奇。你對太陽系中的所有星球有什麼見解?本質上,他們都死去了嗎?好像說,陰謀集團或者黑暗派系曾經控制了那些星球,然後導致它們毀滅。
COBRA: No, the only destruction that happened was the limited destruction on mars during the galactic wars, that’s all.
Alexandra: I read something in Sheldon Nidle’s update. He mentions that Several million sets of RNA/DNA switches will need to be reversed within us
柯博拉:我在sheldan nidle的更新中讀到一些資訊。他提到,我們的幾百萬套RNA/DNA開關將需要被翻轉。
COBRA: It is true that there will be certain healing on the RNA/DNA. I will not speak to the number of switches needed. There will be a certain process to reverse certain mutations, especially the ones artificially engineered by the Cabal in the last millennium which will need to be done. It can be achieved quite easily It’s a simple process.
Alexandra: When did the so-called “mis-creation or virus”, or black goop. When do you feel that began? If so, did that take “God” by surprise or was it allowed to unfold, and why?
Alexandra: 所謂的“錯誤的創造或者病毒”,或者黑東西,你認為那會什麼時候開始?如果這樣的話,那是出乎“神”的意料時還是它是被允許揭示的,為什麼?
COBRA: This started million of years ago. There was a part of a universe that was not evolving in alignment with the source. It was developing independently in a way that it is not good for the evolution of the universe. There was a certain error that was made and this error is being corrected for the last phase of the planetary liberation.
Alexandra: That is what we’re ending? (Yes)
Alexandra: 這是我們的結局? (柯博拉:是的)
Alexandra: Sheldon is referring to unprecedented announcements to be broadcast soon. He brings up the broadcast media. Do you feel that there are some changes going on in the media? How do you see that happen?
COBRA: Yes. There are certain positive groups on the planet which are working behind the scenes to make openings in the mass media so more truth will come through the official media channels in the future. I will not say how soon, but we are getting closer. Even if the media are on the Rothschild control, it doesn’t mean nothing can be published.
Alexandra: That’s true, we can play their own game can we not? (Yes). What is your take on the kidnapping of the US ambassador Robert Ford. What was behind all of that?
Alexandra: 確實,他們的游戲我們也可以玩,不是嗎? (柯博拉:是的)。有關美國大使Robert Ford被綁架,你有什麼見解?背後都是些什麼事情?
COBRA: I would say there are various factions in Syria fighting for control and it’s part of their game.
Alexandra: That’s very fragmented will. There’s a lot of factions vying for control over there?
Alexandra: 那是非常分裂的意志。有許多派系爭奪那裡的控制權。
COBRA: y Yes
Alexandra: I woke up to hearing that china is having banking problems. ATM, point of sales are down.
Alexandra: 我醒來的時候,聽到中國正發生銀行問題。 ATM機,銷售點都壞了。
COBRA: Chinese banking was off-line for maybe less than 1 hour. Maybe 50 minutes. Happens for various reasons.
Alexandra: I thought that was interesting because Fulford actually talked about it and said it was to go down on the 29th.
Alexandra: 我以為那是有趣的事呢,因為本傑明.富爾福德實際上談論過,說它會在(日本,6月)29日出問題。
COBRA: Yes, there are certain groups that have plans to interfere with the banking system next week but they did not receive green light from on high.
Alexandra: Is this an interference or a re-calibration of the financial system?
Alexandra: 這是一個干預還是一個金融系統的重新校準?
COBRA: I would say, certain groups are getting impatient and would like to act on their own. They did not receive the green light. I wouldn’t expect anything drastic next week. There are rumors. Nothing life changing.
Alexandra: Fulford’s talking how the pentagon, Chinese and the Russians have agreed not to be provoked into a war in Syria. Do you agree?
Alexandra: 本傑明富爾福德說起五角大樓、中國和俄羅斯已經同意不會在敘利亞挑起戰爭。你同意嗎?
COBRA: Yes, I agree.
Alexandra: Who is left on the central stage to promote this? The first obvious is Israel.
Alexandra: 誰是主要推動這個(戰爭)的一方?最明顯的是以色列?
COBRA: Of course Israel, US through unofficial channels. Provoking incidents through mercenaries, by staged events hoping that this will be enough to create a war. This will not be enough. Most people are beginning to understand their game.
Alexandra: Interesting. He also goes on to say that Russians and Germans have entered a secret agreement to dominate post Cabal western Europe according to Russian sources. This is why Germany does not support French and British efforts to get non aggressive sources of energy.
Alexandra: 有趣。他也繼續說,俄羅斯和德國已經達成一個秘密協議,支配陰謀集團在西歐失去權力之後的事情,根據一個俄羅斯的消息來源。這是為什麼德國不支持法國和英國獲取非侵略性的能源的努力。
COBRA: There are many talks and negotiations agreements, behind the scenes of how the world should look like after the event. None of those agreements or talks will have any basis of reality. The situation will take everyone by surprise. There are people in high places that are aware of the changes that are about to happen and are trying to create alliances, packs and agreement. Those agreements in most cases will not have any basis in reality. Same with this one with Russian/German alliance.
Alexandra: Interesting. Tell us about the Gnostic illuminati – Fulford said they want to intensify their campaign to overthrow the western establishment. Sounds like they are making some threats.
Alexandra: 有趣。給我們講講有關諾斯替光照派——本傑明富爾福德說,他們想要強化他們的運動來推翻西方制度。聽起來像是他們在做出某些威脅。
COBRA: This is actually a faction that got power after the fall of the Romanoff dynasty in Russia. The goal of the Rothschild was to erase all Russian Nobility. Gnostic illuminati come from hat Russian nobility originally. Now their main goal is to eliminate the Rothschild but their methods are not too efficient and not exactly peaceful. This group are trying to get involved behind the scenes in certain projects, but they are not the ones making the changes.
Alexandra: Interesting. Is it true that is there massive behind the scenes fighting and war going on behind the scenes to get control over the central banking system’s the printing press?
Alexandra: 很有趣。幕後有大量的鬥爭來爭奪對中央銀行印刷廠的控制,這是真的嗎?
COBRA: There are so many different individuals and groups that have their own agenda around the central banking system, this is one reason it’s taking so long. There is a lot of Greed involved. Many attempts at manipulation. Different agenda’s. Big mess. This is why the taking down of the financial system will not happen like most people expect. There will be certain surprises by the resistance and by the higher light forces.
Alexandra: In the month of June – any major success or any major archonic forces reptilians in human form that have been removed from the planet.
Alexandra: 在6月份——有什麼主要的成功嗎?或者,有什麼主要的人類形式的執政官力量、爬蟲族被從星球移除了嗎?
COBRA: Yes, the beginning of a final offensive – which is a huge step forward.
Alexandra: I thought it was more etheric.
Alexandra: 我以為它更多是乙太層面的呢。
COBRA: Yes, etheric/astral. On the physical plane – there is something going on. There is certain physical operations going on, in the long-term that will decrease the army of the cabal, mercenaries, academia or former private blackwater. Those companies will loose much power in the future because of the light forces on the physical plane. Those were taking place in June.
Alexandra: You said a long time ago that there would be a window of energy between now and November. Correct?
Alexandra: 很久之前你說,從現在到11月份之間會有一個能量視窗,對嗎?
COBRA: I’m saying that a new wave of energy coming in Oct/November – beginning of December.
Alexandra: Aren’t we going through the last part of the big purification process between now and Nov.? Is that how we could look at it.
Alexandra: 難道不是我們要在從現在到11月份經歷大的淨化過程的最後一部分嗎?我們可以這麼看待它嗎?
COBRA: I will not say when the last part will be.
Alexandra: Not trying to corner you into timing. I know you don’t go there. (yea). I want to switch over to questions from the audience – kind of slides right in to where we left off. LouAnn is suspicious about the positive military group. It’s like saying they are positive murderers. I know no one is perfect living in this type of world. After noticing and observing their energies, military groups represent violence, taking orders from the global elite and invading people’s countries and taking oil and freedom and resources from them. Why would the Pleiadians take them into consideration for help in liberating the planet.
Alexandra: 不是要用時間表讓你難住。我知道你不會討論那個方向。 (柯博拉:是的)。我想要切換到聽眾的問題——類似於幻燈片一樣,我們將在哪裡停止。 LouAnn(聽眾)懷疑正面的軍隊團體。像是在說,他們是正面的謀殺者。我知道在這種類型的世界中沒有人是完美的。在注意和觀察他們的能量後,軍隊組織代表了暴力,服從全球精英的命令,入侵人民的國家,從他們那裡拿走石油、自由和自然資源。為什麼昴宿星人考慮幫助解放這個星球?
COBRA: It is very simple. All those wars was the manifestation of the negative military group. The positive military group has a different purpose. It has a purpose of protecting the people, liberating the planet, giving logistic support for the civil law enforcement authority to arrest the Cabal. So their primary objective is not to use violence but the primary objective is to give tactical and logistical support for the liberation operation. Everyone has a right to defend themselves if the planet is occupied the inhabitants, the people, the population has a right to fight for their freedom. This is the purpose of the positive military.
Alexandra: You’re taking advantage of an already existent network and I can really respect that with what we are about to do.
Alexandra: 你正利用一個現存的網路,我非常尊重,有關我們將要做的。
COBRA: Many of those people are incarnated in families and have been given openings to military careers so that those people could get into position for when the time is right and the time is right now. There was a massive amount of people incarnating in the 50’s and 60’s that are part of that group.
Alexandra: That makes a lot of sense. I heard a lot of us are affiliated with the military in some way.
Alexandra: 這很有道理。我聽說我們許多人都以某種方式與軍隊有關。
COBRA: Many of those people were star commanders in their star nations in another incarnation before they came here.
Alexandra: A lot of people have asked and in different ways: Can you clarify; when is the wheat separated from the chaff, as far as the separation of the earth. You did say that it will be after the event when we will no longer be inhabited on the actual earth as we see it now. Can you give more clarity.
Alexandra: 許多人以各種方式問:你可以澄清一下嗎?什麼時候是小麥和谷殼分開的時刻,以及(新/舊)地球的分離。你確實說過,它將會是在事件之後,那時我們將不再居住在我們現在所看到的這個地球上了。你可以進一步澄清一下嗎?
COBRA: I don’t agree with the idea of​​ separating 2 earths. There is only 1 earth. It will be liberated and will evolve further along with the population.
Alexandra: So nobody’s leaving?
Alexandra: 那麼,沒有人會離開?
COBRA: The only ones leaving are the members of the cabal who will be taken to the central sun. After the first contact our pathway to the stars will be open we can travel. There will be no need to separate part of humanity from another at least in the initial stages of the transformation.
Alexandra: You’re going to enjoy answering this: Tracy from western Australia has really opened up to becoming a conduit for Goddess energy. She’s been having so much anger since May 25th? It’s been causing her a lot of discomfort. Is this normal? What is going on? Is this because the portal energies allowed so much released of emotional energy.
Alexandra: 你將會很樂意回答這個問題:來自澳大利亞西部的Tracy(聽眾)已經真正敞開去成為一個女神能量的導管了。自5月25日以來,她一直有這麼多的憤怒。這引起她許多不適。這正常嗎?在發生著什麼?這是因為門戶能量使得它大量釋放情緒能量嗎?
COBRA: Part of the answer, is certain emotions that have been long repressed are released. 2 – People who are starting to channeling Goddess energy can get interference from the astral plane.
Alexandra: OK. She said she’s been cleansing herself over and over.
Alexandra: ok,她說,她一直清理她自己,一遍又一遍的。
COBRA: There will be a breakthrough sooner or later.
Alexandra: This was a question about timing – people are trying to get their mind around; you have the event, the arrest, the New financial system, release free energy/ technology. Do you foresee this being a long term event or are we not able to comprehend it because once the event occurs it’s a new ball game.
Alexandra: 這有一個問題,有關時間表的——人們正試著弄清楚狀況;你提到有事件、逮捕、新金融系統、釋放自由能源科技,你能預見到這是一個長期的事件還是我們將不能理解它們,因為,一旦事件開始,它將會是一個新局面。
COBRA: I have answered this many times before. The initial transformation will take a week or two. This includes the reset of the financial system and removal of the Cabal. Then we have a long process of integration, disclosure, releasing of information introducing new technologies, setting up new financial system in details, beginning of new projects, new humanitarian projects, healing the eco system. All this will take months and people will have plenty of time to integrate before the first contact.
Alexandra: OK. Months isn’t really that long.
Alexandra: ok。幾個月並不是那麼長。
COBRA: Well, there’s not much time.
Alexandra: That’s true. This was really interesting question. Sandra asks where RH – blood factor came from. Which races interbred with the evolutionary humans to interject this blood type.
Alexandra: 是這樣的。這是一個非常有趣的問題。 Sandra(聽眾)問,RH血型是從哪裡來的?哪一個種族與已進化的人類混種產生了這種血型?
COBRA: It’s not about a single blood type, It’s a very complex situation. Not only different blood types, but many different factors in the construction of the human body. There were many positive and many negative races involved in this especially Atlantis. The positive races are trying to heal the damage which was created by genetic experimentation of the dark forces.
Alexandra: She goes on to say that RH- blood can not be hypnotized or mind controlled. They are typically of European decent.
Alexandra: 那位聽眾還說,RH陰性血液不能被催眠不能被心智控制。他們是典型的歐洲後裔。
COBRA: I would not agree with that. There is a slight tendency, but I would not generalize that.
Alexandra: She had a question about: Who do you feel are the Karmic Overlords who capture our souls upon death and recycle them without the proper ascension process given as a normal evolutionary stage?
Alexandra: 聽眾有一個問題:你認為誰是業力之主,在死後捕捉我們的靈魂,並使靈魂再輪回,而不是像正常進化階段那樣經歷適當的揚升過程?
COBRA: The Lords of Karma are the Main Archons on the astral/etheric plans. They decide the fate of the soul in their new incarnation. They were designing the whole matrix of new incarnation and they made sure that most incarnations have lead so there would not be planetary liberation. That’s why many people have been born into very strange conditions and very impossible situations in their families. It was done on purpose.
Alexandra: I knew it. I’ve been researching this for some time. Do you agree that we have all been mind-wiped right before re-incarnation?
Alexandra: 我了解它。我一直研究這個,研究了一段時間。在我們重新投生之前,我們的心智整個被抹去了,你同意嗎?
COBRA: Everybody before incarnation have been subjected to a strong implantation process on the etheric plane which made them forget -It was a trauma of implantation that made a shock. That shock or amnesia ruled that you would not be able to remember when what happened before they incarnate. This is why children cry when they are born.
Alexandra: OMG. That gives you a whole new concept of birth doesn’t it?
Alexandra: 哦,天啊。這給出了有關出生的一個新概念,不是嗎?
COBRA: It’s not a concept, it’s just a description of what happens.
Alexandra: If that’s the case and it’s been going on for quite some time. How many implants on average do people have? Is it for every incarnation.
Alexandra: 如果情況是這樣的話,它已經進行了很長時間了。人們平均會有多少次被植入?每一次投生都被植入了嗎?
COBRA: Yes. Every incarnation and you get one and after you die if you manage to escape the Archons when you reach the higher astral planes and higher up, those implants begin to disintegrate. Then you get new ones in a new incarnation. This is mostly why people can not remember past incarnations and why they can’t reach their talents and access the wisdom of their past lives.
Alexandra: You’re saying, our amnesia is in direct accordance with the implants.
Alexandra: 你說到,我們的失憶症與植入直接有關。
COBRA: Yes. It’s a direct consequence of the implants and part of the archon plans. If everyone forgets what they are here to do it serves the Archon purpose well. This is the reason why people are asking what is their purpose. They forget.
柯博拉:是的。這是植入的直接結果,也是執政官計畫的一部分。如果每一個人都忘記了他們來這裡做什麼,這會非常好的服務於執政官的目的。這是為什麼人們會問他們的(人生)目的是什麼的原因。 (因為)他們忘記了。
Alexandra: What is the most effective way to remove implants?
Alexandra: 移除植入的最有效方式是什麼?
COBRA: The most effective way to remove implants is to get contact with your soul, higher self, your soul. Through meditation, Through contact with nature, through beauty, Through presence of love, other human beings, with source directly. After contact with the soul is made the soul with start sending energy to dissolve the implants.
Alexandra: Wow. I’m kind of stunned. Somebody else asked: you know about the release of the book about the interview of the Roslyn crash. Alien: Eril. (Yes) She talked about this. One of her comments was that even the archeological sites that are found and seen today are staged and produced by the Cabal to fill some of the historical information programmed.
Alexandra: 哇哦。我有點不知所措了。有其他人問:你知道有本有關羅斯林事故(Roslyn crash)采訪的書的發行。外星人:Eril。 (柯博拉:是的)。她談到這一點。她的評論之一是,即使今天被發現被看到的考古遺址也是陰謀集團導演的用來填充一些程式設計的歷史資訊。
COBRA: I would not say staged but the more challenging evidence has been suppressed or deliberately destroyed by the Cabal. The process started about 100 years ago with with Rockafellers and Smithsonian institute and the network of all the Universities around the world. The museums around the world has a connection with the Cabal and orders to suppress or destroy anything that challenges the version of true history.
Alexandra: Interesting. Back to where we were before – morgellions, virus inside chemtrails, 90% of the chemtrails have been brought to a halt by intervention. What do you think about nano technology that’s been sprayed and we are exposed to. Most of us or all of us have it in our bodies. Do you agree with that and what can we do?
Alexandra: 很有趣。回到我們之前的話題——莫吉隆斯症(morgellions),化學尾跡中的病毒,90%的化學尾跡已經被干預停止了。對於噴射的奈米科技和我們所暴露其中的奈米科技,你有什麼見解?我們大部分人或者我們全部分人的身體中都有。你同意它嗎,我們能做些什麼?
COBRA: Nano technology is extremely dangers. If the Galactic confederation had not intervened, humanity would not be exist now anymore. Cabal had created very dangerous nano particle technology that Self-reproduce and multiply and would eat up every living organism. This has been prevented . We here on the planet, the cabal still has been able to develop certain technologies, certain primitive forms of nano technology. They have not been completely removed. Any type of nano particles in them. Do not use any creams, sun sprays of any types that has nano particles in them. Educate yourself. Find out which products that have nano technologies in them and do not use them. They are very dangerous.
柯博拉:奈米科技是極其危險的。如果銀河聯盟沒有介入的話,人類現在應該再也不會存在了。陰謀集團制造了非常危險的奈米粒子科技,能夠自我繁殖和增殖,會吃掉一切活著的器官。這已經被阻止了。我們在這個星球上,陰謀集團仍然能夠研發某些科技,某些主要的奈米科技形式。他們已經完全被移除了,裡面的任何類型的奈米粒子。不要使用含有奈米粒子的任何的面霜(creams 各種化妝品)和任何類型的防曬噴霧。教育自己,找出哪些產品有奈米科技在裡面,不要使用他們。他們非常危險。
Alexandra: Wow. On to something financial. People are writing in about the stock market. Would this be a measure of the event taking place. If it collapses is that a good element that the Event is actually happening?
Alexandra: 哇哦,有關一些金融的問題。人們寫信問股票市場。這會是事件發生的一個估量方法嗎?如果它崩潰了,這是一個好的現像表示事件實際發生了嗎?
COBRA: This is a related. The most likely scenario is the stock market will crash at the event. Stock market and even the commodities market is completely unrelated to real economy. It’s a fictional computer program at this point that has no basis in reality. It’s super computers in complete control of the Cabal which plays the game.
Alexandra: it’s an alga rhythm played on the computer.
Alexandra: 它是電腦上運行的水藻節奏(alga rhythm)
Alexandra: What would you say to someone who has savings, retirement, inheritance, that they don’t have control over – in the stock market. Will people be compensated.
Alexandra: 某些有一些儲蓄、退休、遺產的人,你會對他們說些什麼?他們控制不了股票市場,人們會被補償嗎?
COBRA: They will be compensated I would say get out of the stock market anyway.
Alexandra: One more question; there’s been a lot of concern of the radiation that has been spreading all over the planet because of Fukushima. Do you have any comments on that. Has there been any intervention to assist us in that area, and how?
Alexandra: 還有一個問題,一直有許多擔心,擔心由於福島核電站造成的全世界散布的輻射問題。對此你有何評論嗎?在那個區域我們有獲得任何協助嗎,如何協助的?
COBRA: Here I would have to agree with Fulford. There has not been substantial leakage of radioactive from Fukushima. The radiation is from the accumulated result from the nuclear explosions from the last decade on the planet.
Alexandra: I’ve notice that UFO’s appear above these nuclear sites, the Pentagon, Scientology center. Are they trying to neutralize the malevolent intentions?
Alexandra: 我注意到UFO出現在這些核設施、五角大樓、科研中心的上面。它們是在盡力中和惡意的意圖嗎?
COBRA: They are monitoring the Cabal, they are monitoring military and are ready to intervene if they need.
Alexandra: Regarding radiation – go to my site and read a 10 minute clip on what you can do, both physically and nutritionally to neutralize the radiation. Check that out. I think we’re going to have to call it time. Before we go – anything you wanted to say or make an announcement about.
Alexandra: 有關輻射——到我的網站上看,讀一下那個10分鐘的剪輯,有關於你可以做什麼的,物理上面和營養層面中和輻射。去看看,時間關係,在離開之前,你有什麼想說的事情,或者宣布什麼事情嗎?
COBRA: Yes, we are creating a special web-site which is a platform to create an infrastructure on the surface of the planet that will prepare us for the Event. When the web-site is ready I will post something on my blog. I will then give further instructions. It will get pretty interesting in the next few months.
Alexandra: Yes, and on top of that, we have the www.planetaryhealersnetwork.com site up. We’ve been working furiously behind the scenes to get this up. We’ve been opening the doors to the healing community which does not mean you have to be a doctor or a nurse or a hands on healer. It’s about keeping the time at the event calm. if you’re interested go to www.Planetaryhealersnetwork.com. You can in-put your information in there. Cobra – thanks again for all the work you do for the planet. I really honor you. I really love you. People look so forward to this. We will be trying to do a catch up around the 10th of the month. Catch up with all the questions that have come in. I appreciate your patience on this. We were so buried after the conference getting the www.planetaryhealersnetwork.com site up. I have had limited time. I apologize for that. I thank you for your time. I wish you all the best.
Alexandra: 是的,我們有http://www.planetaryhealersnetwork.com/ 這個網站。我們在幕後辛勤的工作使這個網站上線。我們一直為療癒社區敞開大門,這不意味著你必須是一個醫生或是護士或有一把療癒師的雙手。它是有關於,在事件期間保持那段事件平靜。如果你有興趣,到這個網站http://www.planetaryhealersnetwork.com/。你可以在這裡輸入你的資訊。柯博拉,再次感謝你為這個星球所做的一切工作。我真的非常你榮耀。我真的非常愛你。人們如此盼望著這個。我們將盡力趕上這個月的10號。趕上所有進來的問題。我感謝你的耐心。在會議之後我們埋頭於讓http://www.planetaryhealersnetwork.com/這個網站上線。我的時間有限,我為此道歉。我謝謝你的時間。我最誠摯的祝福你。
COBRA: Thank you and I wish everybody a joyful day and liberation of the planet soon.
Alexandra: Yes, we’re getting close. God bless. Take care.
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