【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2013年11月16日 柯博拉與伊莉莎白新訪談

Elizabeth:  I’d like to start our conversation with a big overview of the Fukushima situation, largely because so many people here on the west coast have expressed a lot of anxiety about it. There was something in our paper today from one of the columnists about not eating seafood. If you could give us a little different perspective on that situation, how it happened and what’s going on now and what the prognosis is, that would be a very helpful way to introduce where you are coming from.
Elizabeth: 我想以福島情況的概覽來開始我們的談話,因為(美國)西岸很多人表達出深深的焦慮。今天的報紙上有個專欄作家說不要吃海鮮。你能不能在這個情況上給我們一個不同的視角,事情怎麼發生的,現在怎樣,之後如何。這是一個很有説明的方式來介紹你來自哪裡。
COBRA: This Fukushima situation is a creation of the Jesuits. [Cobra means a small faction of the Cabal within the Jesuits representing about 10% of the Jesuit community.] The reason they triggered this false flag event was they wanted to exert pressure on Japan to get more funds for their operations. It is interesting to know that this event happened on March 11, 2011, which was one day before Uranus entered a new 84 -year cycle. So the moment of this was chosen according to astrological constellations. The second purpose of this event was to put more fear into the general human population because the vibrational frequency of fear is the frequency that allows the controllers to maintain control over the human population. I would say that most stories about radiation are exaggeration. I have seen reports of actual measurements of radiation exposure in California and they are not above normal. Everything is as it was before the Fukushima event. So this is a short overview of the situation.
COBRA: 現在福島的情況是耶穌會的產物(柯博拉意旨陰謀集團中的一小分支在耶穌會內,他們佔了耶穌會社群的10%的比例)。他們引發這次虛假事件是想向日方施壓,為他們的行動敲詐更多的資金。有趣的是,這次事件發生於2011年3月11日,也就是天王星進入新的84年週期的前一天。所以選擇這個時機是根據占星星象決定的。這個事件的第二個目的是把更多恐懼釋放到人類大眾之中。因為恐懼的振動頻率能讓控制者們維持人類大眾的控制。我會說有關輻射的大部分故事都有誇大成份。我看過了真實的加利福尼亞輻射測量報告,沒有超出正常值,一切跟福島事件之前一樣。這就是對局勢的簡單概述。
E: When you say this event was created as a retaliation or blackmail, it is hard to absorb that this kind of thing is going on and we don’t see any news about it or investigation or signs of it going on.  Is there a way that we can become more conscious of the actual facts of how these things play out?
E: 當你說這件事是一次報復或者敲詐時,我們很難理解這種事情。我們看不到任何相關新聞或者調查或者跡象。有沒有什麼辦法讓我們更能意識到真正的事實,以及事情是如何發生的?
C: Most of those pressures are happening behind the scenes and of course they will not be reported in the mainstream media. There are some reports in the alternative media about it, but not much.
C: 在幕後有非常大的壓力,當然這些事也不會在主流媒體上報導。在另類媒體上有一些報告,但不會太多。
E. Also, you’ve said that after what we are going to talk about as the Event, there will be help, extraterrestrial help, in cleaning up the radiation that exists there. I wonder if you want to talk that a little bit about that and even describe what it would be like to have this kind of participation.
E. 你也說到當我們將要討論的”事件”發生之後,將會有外星人的幫助清理那裡的輻射。你能不能簡單談一下,並且描述一下他們如何參與救助。
C: After the Event, and especially after the first contact, the positive extraterrestrial races will use their technology not only to remove excessive radiation from Fukushima, but to actually restore ecological balance throughout the planet. One of the top priorities will be to remove radiation and various poisonous substances from many nuclear power plants in other locations around the planet, not only Fukushima but also Chernobyl and other locations. They will then continue with restoring the ecosystem of the planet and it will be quite a fast operation in human standards. After the First Contact, in a few months, the situation on the planet will be much, much better.
They have advanced technology. Of course, they have complete control over matter so they can actually disintegrate all harmful substances in a matter of seconds. It is not a problem for them. It is just a matter of humanity having the right consciousness and understanding to accept and receive that technology. That is why the Event needs to happen first, the removal the Cabal needs to happen first, so the Light Forces can then use the mass media to educate the human population, so when these things do happen the human population will have an understanding and also an active participation in that purification process. 
C: “事件”之後尤其是第一次接觸之後,正面的外星種族將用他們的科技。不止移除福島的過量輻射,也會恢復整個星球的生態平衡。其中最為優先的是清理來自星球上其他核電站的輻射和污染物。不只是福島還有車諾比爾和其他地方,然後他們會重建星球的生態系統。以人類的標準這是一個很快的行動。第一次接觸幾個月之後星球上的狀況會更加、更加好。他們有先進科技。當然他們完全掌握了控制物質的技術,所以他們實際上可以在幾秒內分解所有有害物質,這對他們來說不是問題。問題在於人類要有正確的意識和理解,來接受和獲得那種技術。這就是為何”事件”需要首先發生,需要首先把陰謀集團移除,以便光的勢力可以用大眾傳媒教育公眾。當這些確實發生後,人類將會有一個理解,也會積極參加這個淨化過程。
E: So, the Event, which we can begin to talk about now, really is the clearing of the resistance that is within us, through these implants and through this programming, to even imagine this scale of operation and to be emotionally ready to consider that this is an evolution of our own consciousness rather than an outside, kind of overwhelming, influence. Is that a good way to talk about it?
E: 我們現在談論的這個”事件”,是對我們內在阻力的清理,通過(移除)植入物和程式設計。想像一下這個行動的規模。在情感上作好準備,想到這是我們自身意識的進化,而不是僅僅是外在的那些影響。這麼形容合適嗎?
C: Yes. One of the main factors in the Event will be the education of the masses, because the reality on this planet is so much beyond what is currently being portrayed by the mass media, so human beings will need to have some time to integrate this vast shift of perspective. This will happen especially because it will be done in a positive environment and in a positive environment human beings have a very fast learning curve.  It will not be that difficult for most people to accept the reality of those changes. It will be far more difficult for people to comprehend nature of the controlling forces that were controlling humanity and their actions in the past. This will be the most dramatic part of the learning process and it will be very emotional.
C: 是的。”事件”的一個主要因素是教育大眾。因為這個星球的現實與大眾傳媒所描述的相去甚遠。因此人類需要一些時間來整合這麼巨大的視角轉變。這將會發生,尤其這將在一個正面的環境裡完成。在一個正面的環境下人類有著快速的學習曲線。對大部分人來說接受這些轉變的現實不是那麼困難。更困難的地方在於讓人們理解過去一直控制人類的(黑暗)勢力的控制力及他們的行為的本質。這將會是學習過程中最戲劇性的部分,容易讓人激動。
E: OK, I can certainly imagine that. I am wondering what preparation we can make preceding the event. We’re anticipating it, we’re learning about it…How can we begin to help integrate this information and share it in ways that don’t alert everybody’s skepticism and so on? You are perfectly aware of the climate of receptivity that exists to some of this information here. What is a good way to look at building a foundation in which it can happen?
E: 我當然能想像到。我想知道”事件”之前我們能做點什麼準備。我們在參與也在學習。我們怎樣整合這個資訊,分享出去而不引起人們的懷疑?你應該非常清楚人們對當中一些資訊的接受能力。有什麼好辦法打個基礎好讓我們傳播資訊。
C: O.K.  It would be the best to start with the financial system, because almost everybody on this planet is aware that something is wrong with the current financial system. There is a group of I would call central bankers that control the financial situation on the planet. And I think most of the people will be willing to accept that as a fact. We can start from there.  From that point we can educate people on the nature of that control and that it extends beyond the financial system, because the same group that controls the finances controls the mass media and controls the whole information of humanity. We can go from there. So we can then begin to educate people that there are also good forces on the planet that are working to counteract the plan of those controllers, actually to liberate humanity, and the Event is actually the culmination of their plans.  And of course it is quite natural to understand that their plans were secret in the past because it is a war between light and dark. And now we are getting closer to the actual liberation itself, that we are getting closer that to the final victory, more and more of this is becoming public. And there will be evidence when the time is right.
C: 最好從金融系統開始。因為這個星球上幾乎每個人都知道當前的金融系統有些問題。有一幫我稱為中央銀行家的人控制星球的金融狀況。我想大部分人很樂意把這個作為接受為一個事實。我們可以從這個話題出發,教育人們(金融)控制的本質,並擴展到金融系統以外。因為控制金融的同一班人也控制著大眾媒體和人類的全部資訊。我們可以從那裡出發。於是我們可以跟人們說星球上也有正義的勢力在障礙那些控制者們的計畫,解放人類。”事件”正是正義勢力計畫的高潮。當然很自然地,要理解他們的計畫在過去是秘密的,因為這是一場光明與黑暗的戰爭。現在我們正接近解放,接近最後的勝利,越來越多的資訊正在公開。時機適當時會有證據。
E. Even now, are we beginning to see some previews of this in some of the things that are happening politically? Are there some signs that you can point to that are already in our news?
E. 即便是現在,我們是不是開始在政治上看到一些預演試映?在我們的新聞裡你能不能指出一些跡象?
C: Most senior government officials on the planet are aware that something is going on. Most of those people are aware of the so-called Eastern Alliance. It is not just the BRICS countries. It is actually an alliance that has its aim of reshaping the future of the planet, restructuring the financial system and getting rid of the Cabal, of the controlling forces. You can see the political actions in many countries on this planet “estio mons” — speak volumes. You can see people are beginning to respond to this new reality. Countries are adapting to this new reality by aligning against the Cabal, aligning against the controlling banking system, creating alternatives all over the planet. For example, Brazil announced the formation of the new independent Internet…encrypted emails for every Brazilian citizen. This is something that is happening right now. Many things like this are happening all over the world right now. This is because the awareness of the citizens is arising and also people are aware that something will happen and they are preparing for it.
C: 星球上多數政府的高層人員知道有事在發生。那些人大部分都知道東盟。它不只是金磚國家。它實際是一個旨在重塑星球未來的聯盟,重構金融系統和移除陰謀集團及控制力量。你可以看到很多國家的政治行動,你看到人們開始回應這個新現實。國家正在通過反對陰謀集團,反對銀行系統控制,創造各種方式來適應這個新現實。比如,巴西宣佈新的獨立互聯網,給每個巴西公民的電郵進行加密。這就是現在發生的事情。現在全世界都發生類似的事。這是因為公民的覺醒,也由於人們知道有什麼將要發生,他們為此做著準備。
E: And how do you see this being played out in the American political system? Do you see some signs that Obama and some of the other light workers in power are feeling more confident that they can proceed, that some of the constraints that have plagued them are being lifted?
E: 這個潮流如何影響美國政壇。你有沒有看到奧巴馬和其他一些有權力的光之工作者覺得更有信心,一些困擾著他們的枷鎖已經解除了?
C: The most dangerous faction of the Cabal is located in the United States. The tension between the light forces, which are present inside the government structure everywhere, and the dark forces, which are also present in the United States government structure everywhere–there is a very strong internal tension right now which can be felt. But nothing is coming to the surface because those scenes are happening behind the scenes. Elsewhere in the world you can see many changes. But the United States will be the last country on the planet where those changes will happen, and when they happen in the United States it will be the moment of the breakthrough. Because it is the turning point. The United States is the key trigger point for the Event to happen. When you see changes in the political system of the United States, then you know it is time.
C: 陰謀集團最危險的派系位於美國。光的勢力的張力顯現在政府架構內部各個方面。黑暗勢力也出現在美國政府架構的各個地方。可以感受到現在內部非常緊張。但表面上什麼都沒發生,因為那些都發生在幕後。在世界其他地方你看到很多轉變。但美國將會是最後一個發生改變的
E. Is there is a reason why the United States had taken this role of the turning point? Is it because the Cabal has been more entrenched here?
E. 美國扮演這個轉捩點的角色有什麼原因?因為陰謀集團在那裡更根深蒂固?
C: Yes, I will explain. It is a historical process. Many souls who are incarnating in this time have chosen to incarnate in the United States. Many of the brightest souls have incarnated in the United States in the span of the last 150 years. In response to their light, the Cabal had to put their strongest control there to prevent a breakthrough. This has been the focal point of this planetary struggle between the light and dark for the last 100 years at least. When the breakthrough happens, it will happen through United States.
C: 我解釋一下。這是一個歷史過程。很多在此時選擇轉世的靈魂都選擇去美國。許多最為光亮的靈魂在過去150年裡投生於美國。為應對他們的光芒,陰謀集團不得不把最強的控制加到那裡,防止突破發生。這是至少過去100年來光明與黑暗衝突的焦點。但突破發生,那將發生于美國全境。
E. When you talk about the war of the light and the dark, was this an inevitable way that this change had to come? Were there circumstances somewhere along the way that shifted us into this high drama version of how we would make an evolutionary change? Will we have a perspective on this at some point — why it had to go through this traumatic cycle?
E. 你談到光明與黑暗的戰爭,這些改變的到來是不是必然的?有沒有哪種情況能把我們轉移到這個演化變異的高級戲劇裡?我們會不會在某個時刻有一個視角——理解為何要經歷這樣創傷週期?
C: For most of humanity, it is happening much easier than it was expected. It is because of all the action of light workers that this transition is not as rough as it could be. We have avoided a third world war, which was a possibility, but not any more. We have avoided drastic planetary cataclysms also. None of this is going to happen. Yes, there is some discomfort, there is some struggle, but if there would be more awareness, there would be less of this. The amount of struggle is in direct proportion to the lack of consciousness and awareness.
C: 對大部分人類來說,事情比期望中要容易一些。因為所有光之工作者在這個過渡期的工作沒有原來那麼艱難。我們已經避免了一場第三次世界大戰,曾經有可能發生,但現在不會了。我們也避免了激烈的行星大災難。這些都不會發生。是的,現在有一些不適,有一些掙扎,但如果有更多人覺醒,苦難就會更少。這些掙扎的多少與意識和覺醒的缺乏是直接相關的。
E: Then the control of the media, something I observed in my lifetime–the deterioration of responsible media–what I have noticed is that this conditioning through this disinformation is very, very strong in the sense that it has given people no bearings to try to sort out who is telling the truth. I feel that the way you have presented some information, by coupling this with the meditation practices and other ways to get people more connected to their own ability to choose between alterative ideas of what’s going on… Is that how you also see us, struggling to find ourselves emancipated from having outside authority always telling us what is going on and getting more direct connection to truth? So that we can hear truth and go, “That’s true. I don’t know why but I know it.” Is that kind of a goal of our own consciousness?
E: 媒體的控制,這是我一生都在觀察的。負責任的媒體墮落,我注意到通過虛假資訊的調節作用是非常非常強大的,也就是說它不給人們指出方向分辨出誰在說真話。我覺得你通過把冥想練習和其他方式結合起來,展示一些資訊的方法,讓人們更加能連接到自己內在的能力,在各個另類媒體的觀點裡進行選擇。你是不是也這樣來看待我們奮力地追尋自我,擺脫外部權威對我們的束縛,進而更直接得獲得真相。以便我們能聽到真相,並且說:”這是真的,雖然我不知道為什麼,但我知道是真的。”這是我們自身覺知的一個目標?
C: The key is to go inside for guidance. Inner guidance is key. I would say intuition coupled with highly skilled rational mind that is not blocking the intuition but is supporting and working together with intuition. That can get you much further than the mass media or any other external information source. As you already said, most of those sources have been compromised.
C: 關鍵是走進內在尋求指引。內在指引是關鍵。我會說直覺與高度訓練的理性思維相結合。理性思維不會障礙直覺,而是支持並且與直覺合作。這能幫助你看得比大眾媒體和其他外部資訊來源更遠。正如你所說,大部分那些來源都(向權力)妥協了。
E: Yes. Let’s go back to your role. It seems to me that you have come forth as a voice of clear information and, of course, a lot of things you have revealed in your interviews and so on are fascinating and mind-boggling. Could you begin by talking about what your perspective is on this planet and your place in it and how you have even evolved as it unfolded? I think people are going to be fascinated by you and then by others who may come forward with their stories.
E: 是的。讓我們談談你的角色。似乎你以一個清楚的資訊聲音身份出現。當然你在不同訪問你揭露了很多吸引人並且難以置信的事情。你能否從下面這些問題談起:在這個星球上你的觀點是什麼,你身處什麼位置上,隨著事情展開你如何成為今天的你?我想人們非常想聽聽你和其他可能站出來的人的故事。
C: At this point I am the spokesperson for the Resistance Movement, and I did not become that by choice; actually it was a result of my life situation. Many years ago, I was attacked by the dark forces when I divulged certain information, certain intel, that was obviously…some people reacted quite strongly to that. I didn’t know that at the time. I was protected by the Resistance and they gave me some instructions and this led to a long cooperation. At this point I am representing them on the surface of the planet. I like to do it because those people are my brothers and sisters–they are my only family. Basically, I would say that my position on the surface of the planet is temporary. I am not going to stay here forever. I am just going to be here to fulfill my mission, to complete my mission, and then my path goes beyond the surface of this planet.
C: 此時我是抵抗運動的發言人,我不是出於選擇這麼做的。實際上這是我生活狀況的一個結果。很多年前,我洩露了一些資訊,黑暗勢力對我進行攻擊,某些人對我反應非常強烈。我當時並不知情。抵抗運動保護了我,他們給我一些指引,這就導致了一段長期的合作。現在我是他們在地表的代表。我很喜歡這份工作,因為那些人是我的兄弟姐妹,他們是我唯一的家人。基本上,我在星球表面的位置是臨時的。我不會永遠待在這裡。我在這裡是要履行我的任務,完成我的使命,然後我的道路會超出這個星球。
E: You call yourself Pleiadian. I don’t know what that actually means. I don’t know what that identity literally describes.
E: 你稱呼自己做昴宿星人。我不知道這是什麼意思。我不知道這個身份如何描述。
C: Every soul begins its life path its evolution path in the center of the galaxy–in this galaxy or some other galaxy. Then it goes from one star system to another to gain experience. My soul, my own presence, my major experience was in the Pleiadian star system, so most of my energy signature is Pleiadian by origin. The only difference from most people is that I am aware of this.
C: 每個靈魂從銀河中央太陽那裡開始它的進化之旅,或在這個或者其他銀河系。它會從一個星系到另一個星系獲得經驗。我的靈魂,我自己的存在,主要的經驗就是在昴宿星系,所以我大部分能量特徵就是源於昴宿星人。我跟其他人不同的地方在於我知道這件事。
E: We all have made this kind of a journey, too, though star systems?
E: 我們全都進行了這種星系間的旅行?
C: Most human beings that are present on the planet have been created in this planetary system, but there are many who have come here to this planet from other star systems, most of them to raise the vibrational frequency on the planet. There also beings who came here from other star systems to assist the controlling forces, so there are a mixture of various races here on the planet.
C: 現在星球上的大部分人類是在這個行星系統被創造的,但有很多人從其他星系來到這裡,他們大部分是為提高這個星球的振動頻率而來。又有一些存有來自其他星系,他們幫助的是控制勢力,所以這個星球上是多個種族的混合。
E: Was this also a necessity to generate the kind of energy that this transformation needs that it would draw from all of the galaxy to produce? I’m sensing that it is sort of like a thing that has to create a certain kind of dynamic to generate the transformation. So, rather than looking at the whole thing as a drama that is unfortunate because there was so much suffering, do we begin to look at this as a drama that has to do with the operation of energetic forces in creation?
E: 有沒有必要形成一種這次轉變所需的,從所有銀河提取製造的能量?我感覺有點像製造一種動力來讓轉變發生。所以,不要把整件事看作一齣戲劇,因為很不幸地我們有著那麼多苦難。我們要不要開始把這齣戲劇作看與這種動力的形成有關?
C: Yes, you can look at it from any perspective you wish. It is the human being that creates the perspective.
C: 是的,你可以從你期望的這個視角來看。因為人類創造了視角。
E. OK. It is also for me very interesting that it feels as if we are writing a new story about who we are. We are creating a new collective myth, you could say, a truth that actually does fit a lot of the ways that we have expressed ourselves in the arts. We have been fascinated with this idea of Star Wars. We’ve been fascinated with this idea of the great battle of the light and the dark, as if it was always built into us and that this would come out as an actuality.
E. 我覺得很有趣的是,我們正寫作關於我們是誰的新的故事。我們創造一部新的集體神話,一個從各個方面都符合我們在藝術中自我表達的真理。我們深深陶醉於《星球大戰》那種概念。我對光明與黑暗的大戰非常著迷,就好像一直都是我們(歷史)一部分的,作為一個現實出現的
C: This myth is a reflection of the reality of the situation. I understand that we are at the beginning stages of completely new myth, a completely new belief system, a completely new paradigm that will go beyond that. I think 100 years from now nobody will worry about dark forces or even think about it any longer. It will be an obscure notion from the past–a long time ago, things like that happened, but they will be so beyond that. A completely new evolution will open for humanity that nobody will be bothered anymore about the troubled past of humanity. It is a birth of a new renaissance that is happening now. We are at such an early stage of the creation of this new myth that we are not able to comprehend where we are going.
C: 這個神話故事是對現實狀況的反映。我理解我們才剛開始整個新的神話,一個全新的信仰系統,全新的範式將超越那些。我想現在開始100年後,沒有人會擔心黑暗勢力,甚至沒有人再思考這些。這將會成為一個來自過去的模糊概念——很久以前,這種事情發生過,但之後將會遠遠超越那些。一個全新的進化歷程將向人類開放,沒有人會煩惱人類那些麻煩的過去。這是新文藝復興的誕生,現在正在發生著。我們現在處於新的神話的早期階段,沒有辦法理解我們會走向何方。
E: Exactly. I totally concur with that from the information that I have worked with. You’ve said in some of your interviews that this is the last place where this dark energy has anchored in this galaxy, so when it is gone, when it is cleared from here, it’s gone. So, that is also a pretty strong mythic identity, to be holding the last place where this darkness exists, and when it is gone it is released from this whole galaxy. I have heard from people who channel that we are regarded as very heroic here on this planet because of what we have put up with. Is that a good way to look at it? This huge thing is way bigger than our little planet and its fate, allowing the whole galaxy to be free of this…
E: 很對。我完全同意,也一直遵循這個資訊工作。你在一些訪問裡說到地球是這個銀河系黑暗勢力最後植根的地方,當黑暗勢力被清除,它就離開了。所以這有著非常大的神話特徵,作為黑暗勢力最後存在的場所,當黑暗離去,地球就從這個銀河系釋放了。我從一些通靈者那裡聽說我們身在地球,被看作是非常英勇的,因為我們忍受了種種的磨難。這麼來看合適嗎?整個事情遠超於我們這個小小星球及它的命運,讓整個銀河系因為它而解放…
C: Yes, yes! It’s true. It’s true. And it’s not just as small planet. We are not just here by chance. We knew that we were going to go here for this particular mission. It was not anticipated it would be last the planet to be liberated. The plan was a little bit different but the reality changed and now we are on the planet that is the last planet to be liberated. So it is a very special place and we are in a very special period of our destiny. And, yes, we are heroes because what we do to form an opposition in the face of all this control is a heroic act. For everybody that is standing against this oppression, he or she is a hero in this space and time.
C: 對,這是真的。地球不僅是一個小行星。我們不是偶然才會在這裡。我們以前已經知道我們將會來這裡為了特殊的任務。之前沒有人預料到它是最後一個要解放的行星。本來的計畫有一些不同,然而事情發生了改變,現在我們在這個最後要解放的行星上。所以這是地球是非常特殊的地方,我們位於命運中非常特別的時期。是的,我們是英雄,因為我們直面這個控制(系統),這是一個英勇的行為。對每一位反抗壓迫的人,他和她在這個空間-時間裡是一個英雄。
E: Do you want describe some of the activations and clearing of these portals that you’ve been working with and how we can also participate in that? That whole scenario of the blocked portals that kept good energies from flowing forth, like the Goddess energy, and how we clear them? I think that’s of interest to a lot of people.
E: 你想不想說一下門戶的啟動和清理的問題。我們如何參與?關於門戶阻塞,妨礙了女神能量等一些正面能量進來,我們如何清理?我想很多人有興趣聽聽。
C: It’s a process. Each portal that we activate brings us closer to the final goal of completely clearing the etheric plane. The Archons had invaded the etheric plane 25,000 years ago and were closing off one vortex after the other. This process was completed about 1,600 years ago when the Roman Catholic cults completely suppressed the Goddess energy on the planet. On each of those vortex points when we had temples of the goddess before there was a catholic church. This was the completion of the dark creed.  Then you know what happened; we had the dark ages, the Middle Ages. Then about 500 years ago the first Renaissance brought the beginning of the process of planetary purification. We have now reached a point in the last few years when we are in the final stages of that purification. Each of the portals we activate brings us closer to the final goal of complete liberation of the etheric plane. As soon as the etheric plane is liberated, extremely fast the physical plane is going to follow.  And then we are free.
C: 這是一個過程。我們啟動的每個門戶都讓我們更進一步地完成整個乙太層的清理。執政官在25000年前入侵乙太層,把漩渦一個個地關閉了。這個過程在大約1600年前完成,當時羅馬天主教完全在這個星球上壓住了女神能量。在每一個漩渦點都有天主教堂,以前那裡是女神神廟。這是黑暗教義的實現。然後你知道發生了什麼,我們經歷了黑暗時期,中世紀。然後500年前第一次文藝復興是行星淨化工程的開始。我們在幾年前終於達到了淨化的最後一步。我們啟動的每個門戶讓我更接近乙太層的完全解放。乙太層一解放,速度極快的物質層面就會跟進。到時我們就會自由。
E: Could you just talk about what these portals are? What is their dynamic? How would we know if we were living near one? What kind of energy is it that that we could discover or is it very esoteric to even try to understand that?
E: 你能不能說一下這些門戶是什麼?它們的動力是什麼?怎樣知道我們是不是住在某個門戶附近?我們能發現哪種能量,是不是外人難以理解的? 
C: A dimension portal is a double vortex of energy that actually transmits energy between different dimensions.  Then the energy can be used. It is a neutral energy. You can use if for good purposes or somebody could use it for not-so-good purposes. When the portal is activated property, it can become a very strong, supportive vortex for the light. It can actually change the energetic signature of that area. It can improve the living conditions of the people, their well-being. This is the reason why we are going from place to place activating those portals. If we have a mass meditation on a certain specific date, that can trigger the opening of that portal, it can have a planetary global effect of improving the planetary situation.
C: 一個維度門戶是一個能量的雙重漩渦,在不同維度之間傳輸能量。然後能量才能被使用。這是中性能量。你可以用在好的方面,有人會用在不好的方面。當門戶適當地活化時,它就變成非常強大的光的支持漩渦。它能改變該區域的能量標記。它能提升人們的生活環境和福祉。
E: Do you want describe the activation that is coming up on the 23rd [of November], the context of that date and the place that you’ve chosen to do the work?
E: 你描述一下即將到來的11月23日啟動,你選擇工作的地點和內容。
C: It is actually the Shift of the Ages. It is the moment astrologically speaking that we are entering a new cycle. The old cycle did not end on December 21 last year as many people have realized. The actual turning point is now in November. It will not manifest outwardly as anything special but energetically speaking it will be the peak of transition.  From that point on the light forces will have much more power; they will have much more initiative on this planet and the dark forces will be on retreat from that day on. They will be in defensive from that day on. We have chosen Florence in Italy because we are grounding the energies of the new Renaissance, and Florence was the anchor point for the first Renaissance, where a process of planetary purification started about 500 years ago.  Now we are anchoring the same energy on a higher octave in the same place that will allow us to bring this new myth that we were speaking about, this new collective story that will not include the darkness.
C: 這是時代的轉變。以占星學來說這是我們進行新週期的時刻。舊的週期不像很多人以為的那樣在去年12月21日結束。實際的轉捩點是今年11月。在表面上沒有什麼特別的顯化,但能量上這是轉變的頂峰。從那一點開始,光的勢力將有更多力量,他們會在星球上採取更多行動,而黑暗勢力從那天開始將會撤退,他們會轉為防守。我們選擇義大利佛羅倫斯,因為我們要把新文藝復興的能量根植下來,佛羅倫斯是第一次文藝復興能量根植的地點,500年前行星淨化進程在那裡開始。現在我們把同一股能量,在更高的八度音階上,在同一個地方固定下來。讓我們帶來剛才所說的新的神話篇章,這個新的不包含黑暗的共同的故事。
E: It is a pretty exciting opportunity to be conscious of all this! How do you see all of us helping? I know you put on your website the time of a synchronized meditation and so on. Is that the best way to feel connected to this and make your presence felt for as many people we can reach as possible?
E: 知道這些真是非常讓人興奮!你怎麼看我們的幫助?我知道你在網站把同時冥想的時間放上去。這是感受到與之連接,並且讓你被我們盡可能多的人認識的最好方式嗎?
C: Yes. There are a few things that you can do. Number one is to join our weekly meditation group each Sunday, different time zones of course, but each Sunday it is happening around the world at the same moment.   The more people who will get into this, the more effect it will have. We not yet reached the critical mass, that’s why we don’t have the result we want. If we get more people, we will be more powerful. Then of course you can join our major planetary activation portals. For example, we had a peace portal activation on August 25. We had masses of people joining; we reached the critical mass. Just the video alone was seen by a quarter of a million people. You can see the results were very, very direct and very dramatic. We have prevented a military invasion in Syria as a result of the activation of the Peace Portal, so this was a huge accomplishment. If people participate in the following activations, the first on 23rd November and there will be more, then we can get more results. And the third thing that is very important at this time is the creation of event support groups. Event support groups are groups that meet physically once a week at least to hold the energy of preparation for the Event, to hold the energy of awareness of the Event, and when the Event happens those groups will serve as communication centers and will give advice to confused human population. There are many things that you can do.
C: 是的。有幾件事你可以做。第一是每星期天加入我們每週冥想,當然時區會有不同,但每個星期天在同一時刻在全球會進行冥想。更多的人參與就更有效果。我們還沒達到關鍵臨界人類,這就是我們還沒達到想要的結果的原因。如果有更多的人,我們就會更有力量。當然你可以加入我們主要的行星門戶啟動冥想。比如我們在8月25日有一個和平門戶的啟動。有許多人參與,我們達到了關鍵臨界。僅僅是視頻就有25萬人觀看。你可以看到其結果是非常直接和戲劇性的。和平門戶啟動的結果是阻止了對敘利亞的軍事入侵。這是一個重大的勝利。如果人們加入到接下來的冥想,第一個是11月23日,還會有更多,那麼我們就能收穫更多。第三是建立事件支援小組。事件支援小組每星期至少見面一次,保持對”事件”覺知的能量,當”事件”發生那些小組將作為交流中心,給混亂的人們一些建議。有很多事情你可以做。
E. Describe the Event again for those hearing this for the first time…
E. 給那些第一次聽說的人們再描述一下”事件”….
C: OK, I will describe this briefly. The first aspect of the Event is the reset of the financial system. The reset of the financial system will end the current imbalances that are one of the major sources of suffering on the planet. The new financial system will be transparent and fair to everybody. The second aspect of this reset is the arrest of the members of the controlling forces of the Cabal, of those people who were actually enslaving humanity for all those centuries. The third aspect of the Event is finally the truth will begin to be released through the mass media, truth about the planetary situation, truth about our history, truth about UFOs, about extraterrestrial contact, about free energy, about true physics, about everything–will be released finally to the mass population. There will also be the non-physical aspect of the Event, which will be a flash, the wave of energy from coming from the galactic central sun. Many people who are more spiritually aware will be able to feel that flash. That will begin a process of mass awakening that will go across humanity after the Event.
C: 我簡單說一下。”事件”的第一個方面是金融系統的重置。金融系統的重置將終結當前的不平衡,這是星球上其中一個苦難的源頭。新金融系統將會對每個人透明和公平。第二個方面是逮捕陰謀集團具控制力量的成員,就是幾個世紀以來奴役著人類的那些人。第三個方面是真相的公開,通過大眾媒體,公開星球狀況的真相,歷史的真相,UFO的真相,外星接觸,自由能源,真正的物理學等等的真相,有關每一件事情,最終公開給人類大眾。”事件”也有非物質方面,那將是一個閃焰,來自銀河中央太陽的能量波。很多人精神上更有覺知的人能感受到這個閃焰。那將在”事件”後,在人類之間開始一個大規模覺醒的進程。
E: So, it is pretty safe to say that none of us will be the same after the Event.
E: 可以很安全地說,我們沒有一個人在”事件”之後會是同一個模樣的。
C: None of us will be the same. It will be beyond our expectations.
C: 沒有人不會有變化。事情會超出我們的預期。
E. It is so remarkable to hear this kind of information. I’m wondering, do you feel supported across the board from other psychic-type people and other people involved in all this supporting this whole scenario? I’ve looked around a lot to see how people are talking about things and I just wonder whether it is something that you feel is being effectively supported or do you feel it is this group that you’ve identified as putting it out. I’m floundering a bit here, but I just wonder how all this is seeming to you?
E. 聽到這樣的訊息真是太不尋常了。你有沒有感到來自靈媒人或者其他有關人士的幫助?我走過很多地方看到人們談論這些,我想知道你是否覺得這有效地幫到你,或者你覺得你所說的(支援)小組才是幫得上忙的。我說得有點混亂,但我好奇你是怎麼看的。
C: Well, you see, I create my own reality, and I just connect with people who are understanding this. Most people I am connected with have a similar perspective on this. I don’t have much contact with the general population who might not know about it. Of course, there are many people who are skeptical about this and those people who are skeptical will be more convinced, naturally, when things start to happen, when there will be physical evidence. Of course, most people will believe their own eyes. I would say to most people: wait and see what happens. I’m just giving information in advance so people are prepared; I’m not trying to convince anybody. I’m just presenting information because I have received it.
C: 你看,我創造我自己的現實。我只是把那些理解這個現實的人連接起來。與我有關的多數人都有相似的視角。我與一般人可能不知道這些事的人沒太多聯繫。當然,有很多對此有所懷疑的人,那些懷疑論在事情開始發生時很自然地會更信服,到時會有實質證據。當然大部分人相信他們的眼睛,我對這些人說:等著瞧。我只是提前給出資訊,讓人們做準備;我沒有想過說服所有人…我只是呈現出我收到的資訊。
E: That’s true. That’s the essence of how it comes. The messengers come and here’s the message. It is another round of information that transforms us to learn a lot more about who we really are and how our roots go into other dimensions and what our potential future is. I’m finding it interesting to be among people who are aware of this and to not be able to look at the world that is being expressed around me, and people’s ideas about what they are going to do next summer and how they are going to do this and that. You sort of can’t go there any more when you know that this incredible change is imminent. It’s an interesting surreal life to lead. I imagine you are hearing that from other people, too.
E: 很對。這是真髓。信使到來,給你資訊。讓我們學習到更多關於我們是誰,我們的祖先如何去到其他維度,我們潛在的未來是什麼,這都是另一回的資訊。我發現很有趣的是在那些知道此事,但看不到表達在自己周圍的世界的人,人們關於他們下一個夏天將做什麼,他們要如何做這做那之類的想法。即便當你知道這個驚人的轉變即將到來,你似乎也無法走得更遠(做得更多)。感覺有趣而不太真實。我想你也會從其他人那裡聽到這些觀點。
C: 是的。
C: Yes, yes.
E: Do you have any advice? For living in this kind of a time? Or just…
E: 你有什麼建議? 
C: Just be in the now. Be in this moment. Of course you can make plans. It’s always in life like this that you can make plans and of course things will happen in completely unexpected ways.
E: And that’s the advice that we’ve all heard that applies to our life challenges. So much of what we think of as problems are things we think up in our head and haven’t happened yet, so now we are on this other side where we are looking at something that is really positive that’s coming and yet hasn’t quite manifested. I don’t want to be one of these people that talks about the timing of this, because I do understand [the dilemma]. I feel as a woman it is interesting to talk about time as something to be fulfilled, because if we are pregnant we know we are going to have a baby but we don’t know when, but we know we are going to have a baby. So I feel that this Event is in this language of it is definitely going to happen and the timing isn’t really ours to know, but the certainty of it is there within us. It is a sense that when everything converges to be in perfect coordination, then the thing will happen and it will be absolutely the right moment.
E: 這個建議我們也聽說過,用於我們生命中的挑戰。我們看成是問題的那些東西是一些在我們頭腦裡還沒發生的事,現在我們在另一邊看著一些真正正面的事情在到來,但仍然沒顯化。我不想談論事情發生的時間,因為我知道這不好說。我覺得作為一個女人,談論某些正在實現的事情的時間很有趣,就像我們懷孕了,知道要生產一個嬰兒。我們不知道是什麼時候,但我們知道將要生孩子。所以語意上我覺得”事件”肯定要發生,但時間我們是不知道的。但事情肯定擺在那裡。這是一種萬事具備,完美協調,然後事情絕對會在適當的時候發生的感覺。
C: Exactly, exactly.
C: 是的。
E: We are conditioned to think of linear time being sort of like the train schedule where we keep looking at our watches and saying, when is it going to happen? But it is not in that framework.
E: 我們習慣像列車時刻表那樣線性時間地思考,我們一直看著手錶問什麼時候才會發生?但事情不能這樣想。
C: There is a certain moment when it will happen, but even if I would know it, I would not say it, simply because I would not give this information to the Cabal and of course, they are listening to this.  They don’t need to know.
C: 有一個必然的時刻它是會發生的,但即使我知道,也不會說出來。很簡單,因為我不會把這個資訊告訴陰謀集團,他們肯定在聽著。他們不需要知道。
E: They don’t need to know! Well, does it mean that they know all of this that we are talking about, that their portals are being cleared, that there are these dates? It doesn’t give them any benefit to know these specifics at this stage, does it?
E: 他們不需要知道!你意思是不是他們知道我們談的這些,他們知道門戶正在清理,在某些日子有事發生?在這個階段不讓他們知道這些細節而得利?
C: You see, I have a very delicate situation. I can just release intel that gives more advantage to the light forces than gives to the dark forces. So there are things I cannot say. It is a very delicate balance. We are still not liberated yet. After that, it is no problem. I can say everything I know but not yet.
C: 你看,我的情況很微妙。我可以公開一些情報,給光的勢力更多的有利條件,多於給黑暗勢力的。所以有些事我不能說。這是一個很微妙的平衡。我們現在仍然沒有解放。之後就不要緊了。到時我可以說出我知道的一切,但現在不是時候。
E: Do you want to describe a little bit more about the way the Resistance — you use this phrase compression breakthrough–that’s where your name Cobra comes from–and you’ve talked about how the compression is from the extraterrestrials on one side and the Resistance on the other. Do you want to describe that? So we can picture the Earth in ways we don’t usually do with the underground cities…
E: 你再多談一下抵抗運動,你使用”壓縮突破”這個詞語,這也是你的名字COBRA的來源,你說過這個壓縮一邊來自外星人,另一邊來自抵抗運動。你想描述一下嗎?這樣我們才能以我們不常使用的方式來描繪地球,用地下城市的觀點(博主註:指地下城市中居住的抵抗運動的觀點)…
C: This planet is in a sandwich. There are light forces above the surface of the planet in the sky–the positive ETs–who are sending light toward the surface of the planet from above.  Then there is a resistance movement underground. All of these forces are holding the light below the surface and sending the light toward the surface. So the surface of the planet is in this compression. All of the darkness that was compressed on the surface needs to come out, because the light is constantly pressuring it to come out, so that it is processed and healed and removed. When the light from below meets the light from above at the surface, that’s the moment of compression breakthrough and that’s the moment of the Event. When this is happening it will be huge, energetically and physically, and everybody will be able to see it.
C: 這個星球是一個三明治。在地表以上的天空裡有光的勢力,就是正面的ET,他們把光從上面發送到地表。然後抵抗運動在地下,所有勢力在地表以下維持住並把光發送到地表。所以星球的地表就處於這樣的壓縮裡。所有在地表被壓縮的黑暗需要逃出來,因為光持續施壓迫它出來,這樣才能處理,治療和移除。當來自地下的光與來自上面的光在地表相遇,那就是壓縮突破的時刻,也就是”事件”發生的時刻。當事情一發生,能量上和物理上都會相當大,每個人將能看見。
E: After the Event, what role do these forces play? The underground culture and resistance…will they become more visible to us? Are these boundaries going to be dissolved and will we have some awareness that this exists?
E: “事件”之後,這些勢力的角色是什麼?地下文明和抵抗運動,他們會被我們所見嗎?這些邊界會不會消融,我們會知曉他們的存在嗎?
C:  Gradually, yes. They will not expose themselves directly. First they will just get in there through the mass media, but after sometime when humanity begins its awakening process, there will be direct contact.
C: 是地,逐漸知道。他們不會直接曝露自己。首先他們會通過大眾媒體出現,一段時間後當人類開始自己的覺醒進程,他們就會直接接觸我們。
E: Then the future of humanity, I gather, from everything I’m learning, is to have a completely different sense of what is real physically and to travel without airplanes and visit other star systems — all that…
E: 我從所有獲得的資訊來看,人類未來對什麼東西才是真正物質性的,不用飛機旅行,以及到訪其他星系等等將有一個完全不同的感官。
C: 是的。
C: Yes. Yes.
E: …everything we fantasize in our media. I think it is so interesting that something in us that was captured in the Star Wars movie always wanted this ability to go exploring and go beyond–I guess it is pretty true to call this the prison we have been locked up in–find out what is really going on outside.
E: …所有在我們媒體裡幻想的事物。很有趣地,在《星球大戰》電影了描述的我們內在的某些東西,我們一直想得到那種能力去外面探險並去超越。我認為我們被囚禁在監獄裡這個說法很真確。我們要查明外面究竟發生了什麼。
C: We were in the prison for the last 25,000 years and now that the gates will open, we will be able to see what is outside.
C: 我們25000年前就關在監獄裡,現在大門就要打開。我們會看到外面有什麼。
E: I don’t know how to ask these some of these questions because they are so unusual…but could this have all gone another way completely 25,000 years ago?
E: 我不知道怎麼問這些問題,因為這些問題很不尋常…但25000前會不會出現另一條道路?
C: It could. It could. Things could be different. There are many moments in human history, many key points, when this could go one way or the other.
C: 是的。事情可能不一樣。在人類歷史上有很多時刻,很多關鍵點,可能走上這條或者其他的道路。
E: It was just in these various present moments that a little tipping happened and it slid one direction?
E: 在這些各種各樣的”當下”,發生一點傾斜就會滑向一個方向?
C: Exactly.
C: 是的。
E: Do we have anything to learn from this, looking back? Do we learn how to be a different kind of human now?
E: 我們能不能從中學到什麼,要回望過去?我們現在學到如何做一個不同的人了嗎?
C: Yes. You see in those critical moments, those tipping moments, there were always individuals who were key individuals and those key individuals made choices, sometimes good choices and sometimes not so good choices. In 1995 there was a big possibility of a breakthrough but the key individuals made the wrong choices and that is why we are here almost 20 years later and still the Event didn’t happened. It could have happened in 1995. It could also have happened last year, in April or May 2012, if certain key individuals had made the right choices but they did not make the right choices. There are always certain moments, certain windows of opportunity, and in those crucial moment it is very important how the key people behave. What decisions do they make? What choices do they make? What actions do they take? That is very important.
C: 你看,在那些關鍵的時刻,那些傾覆的時刻,總是有一些關鍵人物做出選擇,有時作出好的選擇,有時選擇得不那麼好。在1995年有很大一個突破的可能性,但關鍵人員做了錯誤選擇,這就是為什麼我們現在在這裡,幾乎20年之後”事件”還沒發生。”事件”可能在1995年發生了。也可能在去年,2012年4月或5月發生。如果那些關鍵人物做了正確選擇的話,他們卻沒有。一直都有契機,一些機會視窗,在些重要的時刻裡,關鍵人物如何行動非常重要。他們作出什麼決定?他們作出什麼選擇?他們作出什麼行動?這是極為重要的。
E: Would these be people that had political power?
E: 這些人是那些有政治權力的人嗎?
C: Not necessarily. You see, the real planetary situation is not decided by the presidents; it is decided by people from behind the scenes.
C: 不一定。你看,真正的行星狀況不是由總統們決定的,而是由幕後的人決定。
E: The Cabal and its script for controlling to planet…to me, it is preposterous that they ever thought they could succeed, just because to manage something on the scale that they wanted…Where would they have found the power to support that, because it was such a self-involved agenda, no spiritual energy behind it, no good in it? How could the Cabal have really believed in their power or were they just psychotically made wrong?
E: 陰謀集團和他們控制星球的劇本,對我來說,他們認為他們能成功是很荒謬的,因為他們想在那個規模上控制一切..在那裡他們本應找到權力支持,因為這是一個自我中心的議程,沒有靈性能量在背後,沒有任何好的方面?陰謀集團怎麼會相信他們的權力,或者說他們精神錯亂了?
C: You see, their plan was created–the last phase of their plan was created–more than 200 years ago. At that time they had the support of many negative ET races throughout the galaxy, and that’s where their confidence came from. But now when those races are gone, they are still operating but they know they are on their last plans. They cannot count on any support from beyond this planet any more, and they know it. The top people in the Cabal know that and they are in panic because of this. Because they know the game is over.
C: 你看,他們的計畫已經寫好了——他們計畫最後階段在200多年前就寫好了。當時他們有很多銀河系負面外星種族的支持,這是他們的信心來源。但當那些種族離開後,他們仍舊在經營,但他們知道這是他們最後的計畫了。他們無法再指望任何星球外的支持,他們心知肚明。陰謀集團的頂層人物知道這個情況,他們很驚慌。因為他們知道遊戲要結束了。
E: You’ve described that there are a variety of ways that they are responding, that they know they can surrender, they can ask for forgiveness and so on and so on. Are we seeing the separation of the hard core from those who aren’t so deeply, darkly inspired?
E: 你說過他們有各種方式來投降,他們知道他們能投降,他們可以請求原諒等等。我們能不能看到死硬核心份子裡面有些不那麼黑暗的人會棄暗投明?
C: Yes, there are many various responses, and yes, some of them have surrendered already and many of them will surrender in the future. And also the various factions have different tactics of how to cope with this situation. The Jesuits try to manipulate the situation in their own way; the Rockefeller-Illuminati faction is getting a little bit crazy with all this warmongering in Syria that happened this year, and the Rothschilds are just silent because they don’t want to be exposed too much in the limelight right now.
C: 是的,(來自陰謀集團)有各種回應,他們某些人已經投降了,很多人會在將來投降。也有不同的派系有著不同的策略來應付這個情況。耶穌會用他們的方式來操縱這個情勢。洛克菲勒-光明會派系有點瘋狂,今年在敘利亞煽動戰爭。羅斯柴爾德家族保持沉默,因為他們不希望現在曝光並受到大眾的關注。
E: They must be aware that the financial reset is going to completely take all their power away.
E: 他們一定知道金融重置會完全把他們的權力奪去。
C:  Yes, they are aware of that.
C: 是的,他們知道。
C: I would say they are afraid of it. They don’t believe it completely because it hasn’t happened in their own experience. They have generations of experience that they are the top of the food chain regarding money–almost at the top of the food chain–but they are afraid that something will change because they gather more and more evidence that things are going to change.
C: 我會說他們在害怕。他們不完全相信,因為這從未在他們的經驗中發生過。他們有歷代位於貨幣食物鏈頂層的經驗——幾乎在食物鏈的頂端——但他們害怕有些東西會改變,因為他們獲得越來越多的證據表明事情在發生改變。
E: Do you think they believe it?
E: 你認為他們會相信嗎?
E: When you talk about the public arrests of these figures, is it going to include of some of these top dogs?
E: 當你說到公開逮捕這些人,是否包括這些頂層的人物?
C: All of them.
C: 他們全部人。
E: Is that going to happen swiftly, all at once? We will be witnessing this over days?
E: 會不會發生得很快,馬上,所有人?我們會花幾天時間見證?
C: It will be a global operation throughout the planet that will take maybe between one or three days.
C: 這將是行星上地一個全球行動,可能花1-3天。
E: Wow.
E: 噢。
C: …for the key people.
C: …逮捕那些關鍵人物。
E: Wow. That’s going to make some interesting television!
E: 那麼在電視上將有好看的了。
C: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
C: 是的,是的。
E: For the people who are used to the action movies, they are going to see some action. Are they going to be taken to certain kinds of prisons? Where will they go?
E: 對於習慣了動作片的觀眾,他們會看到一些行動。他們會不會被押到某些監獄?他們會去哪裡?
C: They will be taken to prisons and they will have a right to have a fair trial because true things need to come out in a balanced way, so there will be no witch-hunts. Human beings will decide their destiny. Humanity will decide their destiny.
C: 他們會被送到監獄,他們有權獲得一個公平的審訊,因為真相需要以一個平衡的方式公開。不會有像火燒女巫的那種情況。人類將決定他們的命運。
E: So, this is also why this preparation has taken so long, so many years, so that it would run flawlessly when the time came?
E: 所以這也是準備工作花這麼長,這麼多年的原因,以便時機到來事情可以完美無瑕地進行。
C: We don’t have a second chance. When the Event is triggered, it has to be done perfectly. It has to be done in near-perfect precision to insure the least amount of violence and loss of human life, so that the basic electricity, food-distribution
chains–all this needs to remain intact. It’s not an easy operation.
C: 我們沒有第二次機會。當”事件”被觸發,一切就要完美地完成。不得不以近乎完美的精度來完成,確保最低限度的暴力和人命傷亡,以便讓基礎電力,食物供應鏈,所有需求保持完整。這不是一個簡單的行動。
E: Here in America, will we be seeing it happen to the Americans that are involved or is it going to go around the world?
E: 這裡是美國,我們會不會看到事情發生在與美國人身上,或者全世界都會發生?
C: Everywhere.
C: 每一個地方都會。
E: Wow. That is just going to be staggering, it seems to me. Are some of these figures are going to be people that we have heard of? High-profile people?
E: 哇!對我來說似乎有點驚愕。是否有一些人物是我們已經聽說過的?引人注目的人物?
C: Some of those people are in politics, but the topmost people are mostly in Black Nobility families and the Jesuits and are not are not public figures so much. There will be some very well-known names and some completely unknown names.
C: 一些人是政界的,但最頂層的人主要是黑色貴族和耶穌會,他們不是那麼出名的人公眾人物。有一些眾所周知的人物,也有一些人完全沒聽說過的人。
E: A lot of names have gotten thrown around over the years about who is part of this and who are the bad ones, but my sense has been that a lot of the most public figures, more politically high profile, they don’t strike me as having the kind of power that the Cabal leaders have had. That they are really more figureheads…
E: 很多名字這些年來傳得很廣,關於誰是陰謀集團,誰是壞人。但我的感覺是很多最出名的人,最有政治立場的人,他們有著陰謀集團領導者擁有的權力,這並不讓我震驚。他們更多只是有名無實的領袖….
C: Exactly
C: 很對。
E: They haven’t had the freedom of resisting them or they know the consequences of resisting them…
E: 他們沒有自由來反抗他們,或者他們知道反抗的後果…
C: Exactly.
C: 正確。
E: …but once they are released from that we will see their true character.
E: …但一旦他們從控制中獲得釋放,我們將看到他們真實的本性。
C: Yes. Many truths will come out. People will begin to speak finally freely about what they were involved in, and there are many people who were in the Cabal not because they wanted to but because they were forced to, and they will finally be free to talk about their experience and be healed.
C: 是的。很多真相將會浮現。人們終將自由地談論他們牽涉進什麼事情。有很多在陰謀集團裡面的人,不只因為他們想這樣,而是被強迫,他們將最終將能自由地談論他們的經歷,並得到治癒。
E: It is phenomenal to imagine this happening so fast, but on the other hand it’s encouraging that something as huge as this can happen to completely turn around the misdirection that we’ve been involved in. I know that everyone who cares about the environment and the health of our food and our oceans–everything that has to do with supporting us–we’ve all been so shocked to see everything going in the wrong direction. The way that we’ll get help changing this, from the ET sources…are we going to be participating and learning from these beings or are we going to be just watching something happen like someone waved a magic wand?
E: 想像到所有這些發生得如此快,真是神奇。但另一方面讓人鼓舞的是,如此偉大的事情能夠發生,完全扭轉我們一直以來所關聯的錯誤方向。我知道大家都很關心環境,我們食物的健康,我們的海洋——一切支持著我們的事物——我們震驚地看到每件事都走在錯誤方向上。我們得到幫助改變這些的方法來自外星…我們會不會參與並從這些存有那裡學習,或者我們只是看著就像有人揮動魔術棒一樣。
C: No, it will be active participation. There are many technologies that were developed on the surface of the planet that were suppressed, and these will be the first that are released. And then scientists and engineers will learn from those ETs how to go beyond those Earth-based technologies. It will be a partnership; it will be cooperation. Humanity needs to learn to do this by themselves, of course with instruction and a loving guidance from the positive ETs, but humanity will have a very active role in its own future. Humanity will make the basic decisions, not the ETs.
C: 不,這將是積極的參與。有很多科技已經在星球表面開發出來,這些技術以前被禁止了。這些科技將會首批被釋放出來。然後科學家和工程師將從那些外星人那裡學到如何超越那些地球原來的科技。這將會是夥伴關係,也是一種合作。人類需要學會自己動手,當然會有正面外星種族的指引和愛的指導。但人類在自己的未來中將有著一個非常積極的角色。人類,而不是外星人,將作出基本的決策。
E: That’s an encouraging thing for young people, that they would step right into this as what they will do with their lives to be part of this.
E: 對年輕人來說這是令人鼓舞的,他們正好參與進去,因為他們這輩子所要做的就是成為轉變的一部分。
C: They were born for this. This is their destiny.
C: 他們為此而降生,這是他們的命運。
E: And the whole education system will be flipped over and made relevant, right? It won’t be all about training people to be in the corporate structures. Do you think that the long-term vision of humanity is to slide completely out of a currency monetary system and just recognize how they can share and not have it all organized by some version of money? A lot of people hope that it is the end of all this.
E: 整個教育體系會翻轉過來,變得符合實際,是嗎?不再是訓練人們成為公司架構的…你認不認為人類長期的願景是徹底擺脫貨幣制度,認識到他們如何能分享,而不是什麼都用金錢觀念來組織。很多人希望這是它的終結。
C: Yes. It’s very easy because with the available new technology it will be very easy to produce anything people need for their lives.  This is the basic reason why the money will become free, because people will not need it any more. They will have a replicator at home and they will be able to create out of etheric substance everything they will need, their food, everything they need for their physical existence. The perspective of people will go beyond the physical plane because when this is taken care of people will begin to ask, What’s more, What’s the real meaning of life? How can I evolve? What can I do?
C: 是的。這很容易,因為有了新科技,很容易就能製造人們的生活所需。這是貨幣變得自由的基本原因,因為人們不再需要它了。他們在家裡會有一部複製機,他們可以用乙太物質製造他們需要的,食物,一切物質生活所需的。人們的視野就超出物質層面,因為物質生活被照顧好後,人們開始問還有什麼?生命的意義是什麼?我怎樣才能進化?我能做什麼?
E: This applies to the healing arts, too, that we will be shifted to a different whole way of understanding what it means to heal disease or injuries.
E: 這也適用於醫療技術,我們轉換到一條完全不同的道路上,去理解治療疾病和創傷的意義。
C: It will be a matter of reaching again the inner balance of the human being, because when a human being is in a state of balance, there is no illness possible.
C: 重點在於達到人類內在的平衡,因為當一個人處於平衡狀態,就沒可能生病。
E: So the first phase is a whole reset and rebalancing of the essential human, who is self-healing and self-evolving and self-expressing.
E: 所以第一階段是人類基本的自我治療,自我進化和自我表達的重新設置和再平衡。
C: Of course the technology will support that healing process, but the focal point will be inner balance.
C: 當然科技將支持治療過程,但重點是內在的平衡。
E: Wow. That’s probably a good way to wind this up this time. It’s been very fascinating to have this kind of conversation with you and I appreciate your making yourself available. If there’s anything else you want to add, that would be fine.
E: 這大概是一個很好收尾。很高興跟你進行對話,感謝你能抽空到來。你還有什麼想補充嗎。
C: I would just say, do not give up hope. We are in a very exciting time, although it is quite challenging for many people. We have been born for this time, to make this final victory.
C: 我想說不要放棄希望,我們在一個令人興奮的時期裡。儘管對很多人來說這相當具挑戰。我們為了這個時刻而誕生,要達到最後的勝利。
E: That’s true. I feel that way, too. Thank you very much.
E: 是的,我也這麼覺得。謝謝你。
C: You are welcome.
C: 不客氣。
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“柯博拉(Cobra)”是昴宿星轉世為地球的某個人類,Cobra為其代稱(由Compression breakthrough”壓縮突破”而來)。其與昴宿星人一直有面對面的直接接觸,他/她是抵抗運動官方的公開聯絡人。