【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2015年5月28日訊息 【太陽系殖民地解放冥想-情報更新和冥想短片】

Free the Colonies! activation is coming soon. In order for people to have more understanding about the situation in our Solar System, I will explain a few things about various breakaway civilizations and their space programs.
In late Atlantean times, both Light and dark forces were openly present on the surface of the planet. When this planet was occupied by the Chimera and the Archons 26,000 years ago, all other interest groups with any significant power were forced to leave the surface and literally go underground.
The Light forces have then built their own network of underground cities and this network was holding the Light for the planet in the last 26,000 years. In various modern intel sources, this network is called the Agartha network, the Shamballa, the underground kingdom of Light…
The dark forces have also built their own network of underground dwellings and they have allied with Dracos and Reptilians already living in certain locations underground. They have been keeping the darkness for this planet in the last 26,000 years. Various modern sources were calling this network Shamballa, the Agartha network, the Naga kingdom, the Patala… So if anybody speaks about the Agartha network, you need to discern clearly which network they are referring to.
黑暗勢力也在地下興建了一套居住系統網路。他們和已經生活在地表某些區域的龍人以及爬蟲人結盟,並且從26,000年前就一直製造地球上的黑暗。這個地下居住系統網路在現代情報圈裡也有各式各樣的名稱: 阿加森網路、納迦王國、帕塔拉…等等。如果有人談到阿加森網路,大家得仔細分辨對方講的是哪一邊的阿加森網路。
Throughout the course of the last 26,000 years, many of the most advanced members of various surface civilizations have broken away from their societies and joined the underground positive Agartha network. Among them were paleolithic Gravettian shamen, Egyptian high priests, Minoan Goddess worshipers, Greek Pythagorean disciples (forming Hav-musuv breakaway society under Death Valley in California), Roman Auguri, Maya, Inca and Hopi groups, 17th century German explorers in South America, the Marconi/Fulcanelli group in the 20th century…
The positive Agartha network had their own space program with fleet of flying disks, traveling throughout the Solar System and beyond, contacting other positive extraterrestrial races. Their freedom of movement through the Solar System was severely limited due to Chimera-imposed quarantine status of this Solar System and planet Earth especially.
In the beginning of the 20th century, the positive Pleiadians from Aldebaran have decided to assist humanity in achieving spaceflight and overunity in order to help them set free from Chimera and Cabal control. By telepathic contact through Maria Orsic of the famous Vril Society they have given instructions how to build a working spacecraft. Unfortunately, the Vril Society was taken over first by the Jesuits through their Rothschild agent Adolf Schicklgruber (Hitler) and later directly by the Chimera through their agent Karl Haushofer. Here it is interesting to note that the original positive Vril Society was financed by the Esterhazy family, which is a positive White Nobility Templar family from Hungary that claims its origin from the Sirius star system. Although the original Vril project of the Light forces has failed short-term, in long term it has given enough technological knowledge to humanity that we will now be able to defeat the Chimera.
時間來到20世紀初期。來自畢宿五的正面昴宿星人決定幫助人類學習太空航行和超輸出能源,從而幫助人類脫離奇美拉和陰謀集團的控制。於是他們藉助維利會的瑪麗亞‧歐錫克(Maria Orsic)並且利用心電感應傳授宇宙飛船的建造方法。可惜的是,耶穌會利用他們的羅斯柴爾德特務-阿道夫‧希特勒劫持維利會。後來奇美拉又派卡爾·豪斯霍弗爾進行直接控制。這裡有一個值得注意的事情:原先正面的維利會是由艾斯特哈兹家族贊助成立的。艾斯特哈兹家族是匈牙利的正面聖殿騎士團貴族。他們宣稱家族的祖先來自天狼星系。雖然光明勢力的維利計劃在短期內宣告失敗,這項計劃累積如今也傳授了人類足以擊敗奇美拉的科技知識。
The Chimera controlled the development of the German Nazi secret space program that went into two directions.
The more secret part of the German space program was led by Hans Kammler. Kammler was cooperating with the Green Men (an underground Draco breakaway civilization). Under Kammler, the Nazis have built a network of underground tunnels and bases in Greenland, Argentina and Antarctica. They have further expanded their territory by building colonies on the Moon, Mars and asteroids. Pumped with Nazi supremacy ideology, they foolishly believed that they can challenge the Dark Fleet (Orion/Draco/Reptilian interstellar complex). In severe battles during mid-1950s, all Nazi space colonies were completely wiped out from this Solar System by the Draco/Reptilian fleet.
德國秘密太空計劃的核心計畫由漢斯‧卡默勒主持(Hans Kammler)。當時卡默勒與『綠人』(爬蟲人的地下分離文明)合作。納粹在卡默勒的領導之下於格陵蘭、阿根廷和南極洲興建了地下基地和隧道系統。隨後他們透過殖民地將領土擴張到月球、火星和小行星。由於納粹至上的心態作祟,他們愚蠢地相信納粹有能力挑戰黑暗艦隊(獵戶/龍人/爬蟲人的星際聯合艦隊)。所有納粹的太陽系殖民地在幾場1950年代中期的激烈戰役中全數被龍人/爬蟲人艦隊殲滅。
The official Nazi space program was developed by Wernher von Braun. He was later paperclipped into the US along with many other scientists and absorbed into the US military-industrial complex. They have developed both the official NASA space program front and the more secret Solar Warden program (from more military faction of the Cabal) and Corporate space program (from more corporate faction of the Cabal), together with deep underground military bases. Both Solar Warden and the Corporate space programs were interconnected, but deeply compartmentalized. At the top, they were guided by the Unholy Four (Kissinger, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld). 
In 2012, the Light Forces have cleared all those secrets space programs, along  with all deep underground military bases such as Dulce, Area 51 and Pine Gap. Most of the top brass in these space programs was taken to the Galactic Central Sun as they have committed grave crimes and were unwilling to accept the Light. Most of the supersoldiers participating in these programs were good people that genuinely believed they are defending the Earth against the alien threat. The vast majority of them have joined the positive Alliance fleet in this Solar System and are now assisting in MOSS.
Now they will assist in the final operations to liberate our Solar System from last vestiges of darkness, the Chimera bases and implant stations.
The completion of these operations will have extremely beneficial impact on the geopolitical situation. Therefore I would ask as many people as possible to support the operations by meditating on May 30th to ensure that the whole process will take place as peacefully and as harmoniously as possible:
The Youtube videos for this activation have been prepared in 15 languages.
Translation into other languages, especially Russian, Hindi and Arabic is still needed so more videos can be made. Please send your translations of the Free the Colonies! text to [email protected]
現在冥想短片還需要其他語種的翻譯,特別是俄文、印地语和阿拉伯文。請將您的太陽系殖民地解放冥想的翻譯文稿寄信到[email protected]
The Breakthrough for our Solar System is here, Earth comes next!
譯註:由於以前breakaway civilization資料不足,誤譯成啟示文明。今後正名為分離文明。
翻譯:Patrick Shih


“柯博拉(Cobra)”是昴宿星轉世為地球的某個人類,Cobra為其代稱(由Compression breakthrough”壓縮突破”而來)。其與昴宿星人一直有面對面的直接接觸,他/她是抵抗運動官方的公開聯絡人。





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