(https://www.facebook.com/PrepareforChange/photos/pb.338260176319200.-2207520000.1402550140./345048195640398/?type=3&src=https%3A% 2F%2Ffbcdn-sphotos-aa.akamaihd.net%2Fhphotos-ak- xap1%2Ft1.0-9%2F1185802_345048195640398_1162917318_n.jpg&size=548%2C466&fbid=345048195640398)
Ladies and gentlemen,
Let me welcome you at the 60nd edition of the Bilderberg meeting here in Copenhagen..
Since the creation of the Bilderberg meeting back in 1954, my father [William Gerrit Van Duyn], HRH Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, Henry Kissinger, decided to organize an event to unite different entities from industry, politics and culture. After the fourth Meeting back in 1958, the Bilderberg members put together the conditions of the Treaty of Rome. It was finally signed and the European Community was born with 6 States members. Today the European Community contents 28 countries. And today the Bilderbergers advise 134 states members.
Today, my speech will be officially published by our new enemy : the Media.
Bilderberg isn´ta secret society, never was. Perhaps in the eyes of the population, but what we did is we kept our topics and decision to ourselves. We are not an evil. I do not have an all-seeing eye. My ancestors only made sure the Eye is on the [US] dollar bill.
Bilderberg is no conspiracy, but people and conspiracists with their infantile fantasies see it as such. None of you, and I don’t care how powerful you are, sit around the table in a dark room, holding hands, staring at a crystal ball , planning the world´s future.
The exuberant myth created by conspiracy theorists, journalists, and media moguls has been fabricated about the image of the Bilderberg. But are they really the cause of our consequences? Didn’t we involve ourselves into this luxurious secretive, mystical image? Going back in time, I am today in conversation with a certain controversial researcher who studied the Illuminati for more than 2 decades [Fritz Springmeier]. I respect this gentleman for his courage and vision.
I want to change history.
I do believe that mankind has a right to their future. The population is frustrated, manipulated, and demoralized by their own leaders. They live in their own Cartesian fantasies with the hope God will sent a messiah to save their soul! God has other plans with humanity. He creates the balance between good and evil.
Time changes: and I am glad to feel those changes. I feel a general awareness and singularities of awaken ones….People are beginning to ask me the good questions. Their main question is „what is right?” It´sa phenomenon of response and reaction to an overly felt perception that the entire world is doomed to catastrophe, poverty, injustice and misery.
What makes the Bilderberg so strong?
It is because of its perseverance. Members are coming and leaving, guests come and go but the system grows stronger and stronger. No president, no king, no dictator, nor prime minister dares to criticize my name nor the Bilderbergers, and they know they are the puppets of the powerful Illuminati working from behind the scenes.
The general economy is collapsing. People are grasped by something they don’t always understand. But, it forces them to act in a blind way for their own interest.
That’s what they are doing in major countries and certainly in the United States: the anthropic country! Hillary Clinton told me yesterday it´s like a streaming movement came upon America and washed its pride away. As people realise that their existence is threatened, they pray to God, blame their government, the Bilderbergers and the King of Satan called the Illuminati.
At the recent Council on Foreign Relations speech in Brussels a few days ago, I warned that a “global population awareness,” was threatening a revolution towards their governments.
You come from very different ideological, economic, cultural and political backgrounds. What unites us is that we are all determined to find the solution for humanity and its humankind.
And those who work for their own greediness, success and hunger for fame, who have sold their nations like the Bushs, Mugabe, Orban, Al-Bashir, Kim Jong-Un, are traitors. Not only traitors of their people and their nations, but for humanity as a whole entity.
The subject of this Bilderberg meeting is the One World Government..
Seven years ago the economy of Europe almost collapsed. It wasn’t because of the Europe’s weak economy. It came right to us from the United States of America with their unstable banking system.
The bursting of the US housing bubbles which peaked in 2006 caused the values​​of securities tied to US real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally without mentioning the national debts. World economy crisis because of American housing? Because of their gluttony? Does the rest of the world economy need to rely on US economy?
Another key is implemented in the United States: a universal principle of welfare on which the United States is based. But welfare does not mean a useless bum sitting on the couch, eating a pizza, slobbering the beer over himself, watching television, while he /she is waiting for an unemployment check to arrive.
Please ask an average man the intention of the existence of humans, or of government? Would his/he​​r answer be to provide for the general welfare of future generations of mankind? I don’t think so.
People want a Nation, an Empire. Educate the people that is what they want: globalization. People believe that in order to have an Empire, you need money. But money is not a result of wealth. The economy is not based on money but on production and innovation. Money does not make the world go around. Money has no value. When families are harvesting their own vegetables and fruits in their garden they have more value and real money.
Human Mind Control. Human Minds affect the planet. This is how it is measured. It means immortality for the Soul of humankind. We are able to enjoy the universal principles. It allows people to innovate, to believe, and to harmonize the relation between man and nature. Human are destroying their own life on purpose by their hunger for higher living standards. They are digging their own grave pushed by their own debts. If humanity doesn’t change its attitude, 35% of the population will be wiped out . They destroy their own creative power with no reason.
Population blamed on the depression. But the 2008 depression was not an event that wiped out the world capitalists. It was meant to make the world population aware of their greediness and laziness in their life, to let them face the spectacle of poverty. They blame the banks, the governments, and all of us.
Let’s give them what they want:
Why don’t we give them the right of ruling the nature of economy, social welfare, the game of the wars and the innovation of the future…. The Greeks are blowing the European system with their unpayable debts. The French are voting the Front National to rescue the French patriotism. The Italians are Italians. I do not ask you to be too emotional, we’re not Spanish. I even don’t want to go the direction of Eastern Europe, Russia nor Asia.
And then comes Brussels and the European Community. Let’s fire them all. Those horrible useless people, sitting in nice conference room, kick out Herman Van Rompuy (sorry Herman) but he is useless. Brussels the evil city of the world ruled by the Illuminati .
Washington, those wet rags…fighting between dumb Republicans with their belief in guns and gospels against the stupid Democrats with their socialism ideology following the rules of Lenin. Ask a Republican redneck the difference between socialism and facism or the democrats about guns and gospel…. . Does the government even know about the needs of its citizens? Do they know about the middle class and its poverty? Are they aware about the lack of education of its citizens? The truth behind the abomination of the health system? We need to resolve the American problem for its population. With a stronger America we will be able to influence the world economy in the right direction for humanitarian purposes. We will have a better understanding in the Asian Market. Guns, gospels, and socialism will not help them. Each single American has to do it by him/herself.
Population will rule perfectly the world for the greater good of Humanity!
I am talking about morality, and not scientific nor economic problems. Do people think about their future in 10 years? What kind of future will they have in 5 decades? Do they have a right to dream? Who are the bad guys here?
I told myself all humanity must be saved. But is it really possible? The brutality in humanity only waits for the courageous and the sane human to perfect the concept of nations. I believe in the fraternity of Nations. But at the moment governments are ruling by their own personal political agendas manipulated by the interest of the industries either to solve the problems in their countries.
It is the duty of the Illuminati to control every movement within any government, to provide security to its population, therefore we create the rules, we decide about nations policy. The Bilderberg needs to guide the economic factors in the right direction and build trust within the population!
I refuse any secrecy of decisions made by us. Why should we continue to rule the system behind closed doors? Why wouldn’t we face the population with their own mirror and tell them: Hey! Wake up….
Bilderberg Meeting is tool of the Illuminati. It runs because of the Illuminati. Bilderberg is the strongest and most powerful association, the perfect concept for sound economic security, by keeping the world order in shape, and the initiator of mankind in the age of reason .
I want this Bilderberg to be the first meeting in a new direction providing openness to the population in regard and respect for the future generations.
Next year positive results will show to the world that we aren’t evil, but we help humanity because humanity isn’t able to rescue itself.

我們所能做的事情就是傳遞真​​ 相解放大眾頭腦,當人民團結一致後,才能做出正確且最好的選擇。


June 3th – 指導委員會公佈2014畢德堡會議總結綱要

Paul M. Achleitner, 德意志銀行股份公司董事長
Josef Ackermann, 蘇黎世保險集團董事長
Marcus Agius, 巴克萊銀行前總裁
Helen Alexander, 博聞公司總裁
Roger C. Altman, Evercore Partners 投資銀行執行總裁
Matti Apunen, 芬蘭商業暨政策研究論壇召集人
Susan Athey, 史丹佛商學研究院經濟學教授
Asl ı Ayd ı nta ş ba ş , 土耳其民族報專欄作家
Ali Babacan, 土耳其副總理暨國務部長
Ed Balls, 英國影子財政大臣(在野黨經濟事務的發言人)
Francisco Pinto Balsemão, 葡萄牙媒體集團總裁暨執行長
Nicolas Barré, 法國迴聲報總編輯
Nicolas Baverez, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP 律師事務所合夥人
Olivier de Bavinchove, 歐洲軍團指揮官
John Bell, Regius 牛津大學醫學教授
Franco Bernabè, , 義大利電信集團總裁暨執行長
Carl Bildt, 瑞典外交部長
Anders Borg, 瑞典財政部長
Jean François van Boxmeer, 海尼根執行長
Svein Richard Brandtzæg, 挪威HYDRO集團總裁暨執行長
Oscar Bronner, 奧地利標準報發行人
Peter Carrington, 畢德堡俱樂部前任榮譽主席
Juan Luis Cebrián, 西班牙PRISA媒體集團執行董事長
Edmund Clark, 多倫多道明銀行金融集團總裁暨執行長
Kenneth Clarke, 英國內閣大臣
Bjarne Corydon, 丹麥財政部長
Sherard Cowper-Coles, 英國航太系統公司業務部主任
Enrico Cucchiani, 義大利聯合聖保羅銀行執行長
Ian Davis, 麥肯錫公司資深合夥人
Robbert H. Dijkgraaf, 普林斯頓高等研究院院長
Haluk Dinçer, 土耳其Sabanc ı 控股公司總裁
Robert Dudley, Group Chief Executive, 英國石油公司總執行長
Nicholas N. Eberstadt, 美國企業研究院-政治經濟的亨利‧華登席位研究員
Espen Barth Eide, 挪威外交部長
Börje Ekholm, President and CEO, 瑞典銀瑞達集團總裁暨執行長
Thomas Enders, 空中巴士集團執行長
J. Michael Evans, 高盛集團副總裁
Ulrik Federspiel, 丹麥托普索公司執行副總裁
Martin S.Feldstein, 哈佛大學經濟學教授;美國全國經濟研究所退休所長
François Fillon, 法國前總理
Mark C. Fishman, 諾華生醫研究中心總裁
Douglas J. Flint, 匯豐控股有限公司主席
Paul Gallagher, 資深大律師
提摩西• F•蓋特納,美國前財政部長
Michael Gfoeller, 美國政治顧問
Donald E. Graham, Chairman and CEO, 華盛頓郵報主席暨執行長
Ulrich Grillo, CEO, 德國Grillo-Werke公司執行長
Lilli Gruber, 專題記者–義大利La 7電視台女主播
Luis de Guindos, 西班牙經濟和競爭力部部長
Stuart Gulliver, Group Chief Executive, 匯豐控股公司總執行長
Felix Gutzwiller, 瑞士聯邦院成員
Victor Halberstadt, 萊登大學經濟學教授;畢德堡俱樂部前任榮譽秘書長
Olli Heinonen, 約翰• F•甘迺迪政府學院-貝爾弗科學與國際事務研究中心,資深研究員
Simon Henry, CFO, 殼牌公司財務長
Paul Hermelin, 凱捷集團主席兼執行長
Pablo Isla, 印地紡集團主席暨執行長
Kenneth M. Jacobs, Lazard 集團董事長暨執行長
James A. Johnson, Johnson Capital Partners 房貸公司董事長
Thomas J. Jordan, 瑞士國家銀行董事長
Robert D. Kaplan, Stratfor 安全顧問公司地緣政治首席分析師
Alex Karp, 大數據公司創辦人暨執行長
John Kerr, 英國上議院獨立成員
亨利•季辛吉, •季辛吉顧問公司主席
Klaus Kleinfeld, 美國鋁業公司董事長暨執行長
Klaas HW Knot, 荷蘭中央銀行總裁
Mustafa V Koç,. 土耳其山羊集團主席
Roland Koch, CEO, 德國Bilfinger建設集團執行長
Henry R. Kravis, 科爾伯格-克拉維斯-羅伯茨集團共同董事長暨共同執行長
Marie-Josée Kravis, 哈德遜研究所資深研究員,副主席
André Kudelski, Kudelski 集團董事長暨執行長
Ulysses Kyriacopoulos, 希臘銀和重晶石礦業開採公司董事長
J. Kurt Lauk, 德國基督教民主黨經濟事務委員會主席。
Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman 哈佛法學院-法律與領導教授
Thomas Leysen, 比利時聯合銀行董事長
Christian Lindner, 德國自由民主黨主席
Stefan Löfven, 瑞典社會民主黨主席
Peter Löscher, President and CEO, 西門子集團總裁暨執行長
Peter Mandelson, , Global Counsel 董事長; Lazard集團董事長
Jessica T. Mathews, 卡內基國際和平基金會會長
Frank McKenna, 布魯克菲爾德資產管理公司董事
John Micklethwait, 經濟學人總編輯
Thierry de Montbrial, 法國國際關係研究所所長
Craig J. Mundie, 微軟公司執行長的資深顧問
Alberto Nagel, 米蘭投資銀行執行長
Andrew Y.Ng, Coursera 科技公司共同創辦人
Jorma Ollila, 殼牌公司主席
David Omand, 倫敦國王學院客座教授
Emanuele Ottolenghi, Senior Fellow, 美國保衛民主基金會資深研究員
Soli Özel, 土耳其卡地爾哈斯大學資深講師;土耳其Habertürk報專欄作家
Alexis Papahelas, Executive Editor, 雅典Kathimerini日報執行總編
Ş afak Pavey, 土耳其國會議員
Valérie Pécresse, 法國國會議員
Richard N. Perle, 美國企業研究院駐院研究員
David H. Petraeus, 美國陸軍退役將領
Paulo Portas, 葡萄牙副總理
J. Robert S Prichard, 德瑞思國際律師事務所董事
Viviane Reding, . 歐盟委員會負責司法、人權和公民事務的副主席
Heather M. Reisman, 加拿大Indigo Books & Music Inc執行長
Hélène Rey, 倫敦商學院經濟學教授
Simon Robertson, Robertson Robey Associates LLP 合夥人;匯豐控股公司副總裁
Gianfelice Rocca, Techint 集團總裁
Jacek Rostowski, 波蘭財政部長暨副總理
Andreas Schieder, 奧地利財政部長
Rudolf Scholten, 奧地利控管銀行執行董事
António José Seguro, 葡萄牙社會黨秘書長
Jean-Dominique Senard, 米其林集團執行長
Kristin Skogen Lund, 挪威工商聯合會總會長
Anne-Marie Slaughter, 普林斯頓大學政治學與國際事務教授
Peter D. Sutherland, 高盛集團總裁
Martin Taylor, 瑞士農用化學品公司前任董事長
Tidjane Thiam, 英國保誠集團執行長
Peter A. Thiel, 泰爾基金總裁(paypal共同創辦人)
Baroness Williams (Clara Molden) 英國專業攝​​ 影師,名人御用攝影師
Craig B. Thompson, 紀念斯隆-凱特琳癌症中心總裁暨執行長
Jakob Haldor Topsøe, AMBROX Capital A/S 投資公司合夥人
Jutta Urpilainen, 芬蘭財政部長
Daniel L. Vasella, Honorary Chairman, 諾華公司榮譽董事長
Peter R. Voser, 殼牌公司執行長
Brad Wall, 加拿大薩斯喀徹溫省省長
Jacob Wallenberg, 瑞典銀瑞達集團董事長
Kevin Warsh, 史丹福大學胡佛研究所-傑出客座研究
Galen G.Weston, 加拿大Loblaw Companies Limited執行董事長
Baroness Williams of Crosby, 英國上議院議員
馬丁‧沃夫, Chief Economics Commentator,金融時報首席經濟評論家
James D. Wolfensohn, 詹姆斯•沃爾芬森投資公司總裁暨執行長
David Wright, 巴克萊銀行副總裁
Robert B. Zoellick, 彼得森國際經濟研究所傑出客座研究員


翻譯:Patrick Shih

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