Monthly Remote Healing of 13 Rays – Ascended Masters and Stellar Rays (3 Days)


This is a collaborative effort between Prepare for Change Taiwan / the International Golden Age Group and the Prepare For Change group in Japan. Nearly 50 healers worldwide will provide remote healing via the Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays together on the 14th, 15th and 16th days (3 days in a row) of every Lunar month to help people around the world heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift provided to everyone free of charge.

The healers participating from around the world, including Japan, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc., have all been qualified and initiated directly into Level 2 by Cobra. They will dedicate themselves to becoming LIGHT bearers in order to convey the divine energy of the healing rays to all participants. To take advantage of this precious opportunity, please feel free to join our live broadcast on our official Youtube channel at the time listed below:




International Golden Age Group official Youtube Channel:



14:00~14:30 p.m. (UTC)


You can find the time for the healing session for the 3 days in your time zone here: 

2021 remote heaing

The First Day:


The Second Day:


The Third Day:




They have completed every challenge and gone through all levels of difficulty in the earth system of reincarnation, escaped this prison earth control matrix, and therefore they can instruct us with cosmic knowledge to assist in accelerating the liberation of planet earth. Based on their previous lifetimes and experiences on earth, they have their own higher visions to support planetary liberation and they are fully committed to all living beings on planet earth.


Connecting to the light of Ascended masters is extremely important for us. We will use our hearts and inner decision to open a communication channel with them. We will describe the earth situation and our ideas about it to them, too. This can accelerate the process of liberating Earth and help us to experience the Event as soon as possible.


Healing Aspects of the 13 Rays




1. Sananda Ray – Sananda (Jesus) was a Master who came to Earth many times to teach mankind unconditional love. In India he is called Krishna, he is called Christ in the West. He closely cooperates with Ashtar now to send the energy of unconditional love from Sirius to the Earth. His major important mission is to teach humans unconditional love, healing their own hearts, and learning to love all people with unconditional love.


2.Kuthumi Ray – Kuthumi was a Master who spread a variety of healing technologies and medical knowledge to human beings. He combines the advantages of Western and Chinese medicine to help more people, and teaches about tachyon healing technology. He is responsible for the development of new healing technologies. Light Mandala Laser energy is one of Hut Kuthumi’s masterpieces. Even more amazing technology will be released by Master Hut Kuthumi after the Event. There are various healing technologies that the Light Forces want to release ASAP both before the Event and during the Event.


3.Ashtar Ray – Commander Ashtar brings the fifth dimension of consciousness and higher knowledge to the Earth, helping us awaken with 5-dimensional telepathic ability, positively promoting our ascension in the 5th dimension. Ashtar also helps us to know our Star Family and plan for the First Contact after the Event.


4.Saint Germain Ray – Creates an abundance of both spirituality and material wealth, brings the spiritual knowledge of the Mystery Schools to the Earth. St. Germain is playing a very important role at this time. He was born before in the 18th century in France, where he established a Mystery School in Paris, and where he also set up the Saint Germain Trust Fund. After the Event, many light workers, especially those working hard for the light, will receive funds from the Saint Germain Trust Fund. The main purpose of this money is to help Lightworkers with daily life and to fund the First Contact.


5.Serapis Bey Ray –Serapis Bey has a great degree of connection to and cooperation with the angelic realm. If a person wants to communicate with the angelic realm, he or she can connect with Master Serapis Bey.


6.Djwhal Khul Ray –Helps us to heal the etheric body.




1.Pleiades – heal the mind and heals relationships.

2.Sirius – brings joy to our hearts.

3.Orion – cleanses our inner emotions, transmutes inner negativity and hatred, releases all the feelings of depression.

4.Galactic Central Sun – our light and the source of our life energy, evolution, connects to our higher selves and higher goals, helps us recall our mission on the earth.

5.Andromeda – proficient in the manipulation of the physical realm, including finances and all material things, to enhance the three-dimensional aspects of our lives, such as improving health, relationships, finances, etc.

6.Lyra – help us to enhance and strengthen our creativity.

7.Antares & Aldebaran – help us move from duality into ONENESS.


Notes For Participants


  • In the days prior to the remote healing, please stick to a diet of fresh and organic foods, and consume only clean and safe drinking water. You can spend more time in nature and do activities that help promote and maintain a positive state of being.


  • In the hours before the healing, feel free to take a bath. We recommend bathing before the healing session instead of after, as doing so allows the energy of the healing rays to settle into your energy system, thus enhancing the effects of the healing received.


  • During the healing, you can lie down or remain seated.  Be sure to relax all your muscles and try your best to release any intense emotions that might come up.  Breathe deeply and consciously to help bring yourself into an alpha wave state. You can focus on your crown chakra or heart chakra, while fully trusting in the process of receiving the healing rays. 


A Brief Rundown of the Remote Healing



Before the healing, participants will do an invocation of the 13 rays together online. We will also state our collective intention and willingness to receive the healing energies.


2.During The Healing

Relax as much as possible throughout the entire healing session



Here, we express our deepest gratitude to the Ascended Masters and Stellar Rays for the healing received.